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Digital sales room

A digital sales room is a software solution designed to give both buyers and sellers an online place to communicate and negotiate the finer details within the sales process. A digital sales room is typically created for the first time before the first discovery meeting - where content like a welcome video, pre-meeting agenda and relevant case studies can be uploaded by the salesperson and shared with a prospective buyer.

Your go-to digital sales room knowledge center

Most sales processes are outdated and not aligned with the buyer’s journey. Following the pandemic, the world went digital, and this should have been an opportunity for sales teams to reinvent themselves in how they interact with prospects. Instead, sales processes were just copy pasted to fit a remote selling, digital-centric approach; out with the phone, and in with zoom calls. But digital sales rooms are about to change that, enabling sellers to create a unique experience for buyers. This resource center will give you all the tools necessary to understand what a digital sales room is, how to put it into practice, and in the end, how to close more deals.

Digital Sales Room Knowledge Center

What is a digital sales room?

A digital sales room (DSR) is a secure, shared space for sellers to inform, interact and negotiate with potential buyers. Sometimes referred to as client portals or microsites, a digital sales room’s main function is to create a unique buying experience by being a personalized, single repository of sales collateral - from proposals, to case studies and testimonials, whitepapers, and even personalized videos.

Digital sales rooms allow buyers to have a more streamlined purchasing experience while enabling sellers to track the consumption and effectiveness of their content. Although DSR solutions differ in their service offerings, there are several key components that make up a digital sales room: security, tracking, communication, branding, and personalization. We explore these key components in more detail below.

Digital Sales Room best practices

Digital sales room best practices are hard to come by, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together several articles to help you navigate virtual selling in this new hybrid world, and how it will help you and your team stand out and win more customers.

Remote selling best practices

A personal meeting including a wet signature and a firm handshake has been the visual for a closed deal. Not anymore, new times demand new ways of getting to that closed deal. This section will cover all the best practices that will make you one member of the Elite Remote Sales Team.

Infographic: The what and why of a digital sales room

Is your sales process aligned with your prospects’ changing buying journey? And how can you ensure you stay in control of the interaction with prospects, from discover to signed contract, when everything is digital and across multiple channels and touchpoints? Download the infographic to explore what a digital sales room is, and why you need it in your process today to create a unique buying experience that will give you the competitive edge.



Digital sales room FAQs

Digital sales room is a new concept to adapt for modern selling in a digital world. We have gathered the most common questions and gathered the best answers, all summarized here.

Digital Sales Room on the blog

We update our blog with the latest content on remote selling and other sales topics. Check out the latest posts here:

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