Close deals faster based on informed decisions

Deal insights that let you act at the right time, every time.


Always know where you stand

Have you ever wondered whether your important business documents have been received, read, forwarded, or completely ignored? Deal insights help you understand what’s happening after you hit ‘send‘ with real-time reporting on the engagement of your send-outs.


Take action with perfect timing

Gain insights into how recipients engage with your collaterals, get notifications when a document is opened, viewed, commented on, shared, or signed. Add smart follow-ups notifications based on the recipient interactions with the collaterals.


Sales tracking and analytics

With our tracking features, you can manage your collaterals by leveraging customer analytics throughout the entire sales process. GetAccept provides sales enablement data from the initial sales meeting to the final eSigned contract.


Right approval to seal the deal

Give your team the ability to quickly create, send, and track contracts with a clear understanding of the approval rights at the customer side to keep them moving towards a closed deal. Moving fast and securely with GetAccept's integrated approval system.