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Educate and sell with the same action

The relationship with your resellers has never been more important. In a world of fierce competition, a wider range than ever and endless channels, your role as a supplier should be much more than a passenger in the back seat. The sooner you start working with your resellers as an extension of your brand, the better.

But how do you create that relationship with your reseller that makes them understand, and how can they be passionate about and prioritize your products? That and much more in this webinar. We turn to you who want to work more proactively - and boost your reseller’s sales!

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Sep 24, 10am - 10:30 am

Peter Rasmussen
Sales Director at GetAccept

Nicolas Harding Hansen
Country Sales Manager at Lime Technologies


Missed it? Don’t Worry!

Tune in and listen to the recording when Peter and Nicolas give their top tips and insights how to help your reseller to sell more. 

This webinar is in Danish. 

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