The Sales Ladder

Your podcast to think crazy differently about salesSales is not one-size fits all, and is constantly evolving. From prospecting and discovery, to forecasting and trying to hit quotas - everyone has their own approach.

The Sales Ladder is your sales podcast to listen to inspiring sales leaders sharing their tips, tricks, and experience to not only survive but thrive in the jungle of sales.

The podcast is hosted by Thomas Igou, failed sales experiment turned marketer.


The Sales Ladder

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Latest episode

The guide to account based selling - with Ulrik Monberg, CEO, ARPEDIO

In this episode, Ulrik Monberg, CEO of ARPEDIO, discusses everything related to account-based selling. From how to get started, to what kind of content is needed when selling to specific accounts, to its relationship with product and marketing, Ulrik covers everything to give you a full guide on account-based selling.


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The Sales Ladder is your podcast to think crazy differently about sales. Every week, we interview inspiring sales leaders to share their tips, tricks and experiences to not only survive but thrive in the jungle of sales.

Some of our previous guests include social selling guru Daniel Disney; former CMO of Slack, Salesforce and Zendesk Bill Macaitis; and account executives and sales development representatives from companies like Salesloft, Dooly, Lemlist or Samsara.

It is one of the best sales podcasts for sales leaders and sales reps who want actionable insights to hit quota.

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