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Sales is not one-size fits all, and is constantly evolving. From prospecting and discovery, to forecasting and trying to hit quotas - everyone has their own approach. The Sales Ladder is your weekly podcast to listen to inspiring sales leaders sharing their tips, tricks, and experience to not only survive but thrive in the jungle of sales. The podcast is hosted by Thomas Igou, failed sales experiment turned marketer.

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The Sales Ladder



Latest episode

How to grow sales by thinking outside the box - with Nadja Komnenic

Lemlist has seen tremendous growth since its launch and a lot of it is due to its capability to think outside the box as a bootstrapped start-up. In this episode, we chat with Nadja Komnenic, head of business development, about some of the initiatives they've undertaken to extend their prospecting and increase their inbound.

  • The how and why behind Nadja and Simon's youtube channel
  • How to grow and leverage a Facebook community
  • BONUS: How to remotely manage a sales team

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