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If you really want to be personal, the video block is your friend. Record directly from the web or mobile, add from YouTube, or grab a pre-recorded one from the library.

It makes all the difference in reaching the other side and really shows your engagement. It will be reciprocated!

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Why use video?

Adding video to explain your pricing page, onboarding section, or simply say welcome is a great way to personalize your interaction.

With GetAccept’s videos, you can:

  • Leave a great impression
  • Share engaging videos
  • Add a smile to your content!

How does it work?

After clicking the video block, simply choose to record a personal video, select from your library, or grab a video from a link.

  • Video testimonials
  • Pricing list video explainer
  • Personalized welcome message
  • And much more!

Create a personalized video block in 4 easy steps

Step 1

Start by clicking on the video block

Step 2

Choose what kind of video you want to use

Step 3

Record, choose from library or add URL of the video

Step 4

Drag to the right section of your document


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