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Smarketing: improve your sales and marketing alignment

Sales and marketing teams shouldn’t work in a vacuum. Learn how sales and marketing leaders at HubSpot, Pleo, and Aircall practice smarketing in their own companies.

Aligning sales and marketing teams around shared business goals is often easier said than done. Successful "smarketing," however, can improve your demand and revenue generation.

The new realities of distributed, asynchronous work make closing the gaps between sales and marketing teams more important than ever. We talked to leaders at HubSpot, Pleo, and Aircall about:

  • How often sales and marketing teams should meet and collaborate
  • Updated metrics for two distinct teams to work towards a shared goal
  • Underrated sales and marketing KPIs
  • Lead nurturing between sales and marketing
  • And much more!
Smarketing Ebook: improve sales and marketing alignment

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Ebook written by

Amy Murch & Kelsey McKeon


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