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Contract management

Document flows, quotation management and lots of paperwork? Don’t stress - GetAccept is here to help you!

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Why GetAccept Document?


All sent quotes receive automatic follow-up for signing and faster closing.


You can start using GetAccept for your documents in just minutes. Follow up automatically, gather everything in the same place with our Archive and get an overview like never before.


100% legally binding in accordance with current industry standard for eSigning. With multiple verification options, you can guarantee the counterpart's identity.

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Make all your transactions more efficient and make it easier for your client to accept your quote. With one click, all parties have a legally binding document.

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Electronic archive

Store documents securely in our electronic Archive, all in accordance with GDPR. The Archive quickly and easily, searches, tags and organizes folders - all in the same place! 

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Get help with your entire sales cycle

Should your contracts be renewed after 12 months? No problem. With the contract management tool you will easily receive notifications when a contract needs to be renewed. You also know when the recipient has opened, read and signed your document - all in real time.

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Automated document feeds

Take control of your document flow on a whole new level. Create custom feeds based on your customers and have different profiles for your individual mailings. Your counterpart's activity in the document determines which reminders and notifications should be activated.


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Important features and benefits


Facilitate your costumer experience by using digital signing. Just as secure as pen and paper. Only a whole lot more flexible.


Add a video presentation to your document and make it personal and unique.


With our unique Deal Accelerator, an electronic signature is always at your customers fingertips.


See when documents, contracts and quotes are opened, in what format as well as what pages your clients have looked at.


Communicate directly within the document! Minimize misunderstandings and help reach an agreement faster.


Easily integrated with most Marketing Automation and CRM-systems in order to create an efficient work-flow. Show integrations

Are you ready to get your documents in order once and for all?

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