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LimeGo Integration


Leverage the full capabilities of GetAccept all within your LimeGo environment. Sales enablement, electronic signatures, contract management, and proposal management right at your fingertips!

Why should you integrate GetAccept with LimeGo?

Sales Enablement

GetAccept's sales enablement features are included with the LimeGo integration. Leverage your sales funnel with data-driven tracking, automation, and personalized engagement features.

Sales Enablement Integration

sales-enablement pciture for integration

Proposal Templates

Integrating with LimeGo, you gain access to GetAccept's all-in-one proposal management platform. Create, develop, track, and manage all proposals in one place.

Proposal Templates Integration

Proposal management for integration (1)

Contract Management

GetAccept's sales platform includes a full contract management system. You will be able to manage, archive, and develop new leads all within your LimeGo environment.

Contract Management Integration

contract management for integration-1

Electronic Signature

With the GetAccept integration with LimeGo, you can easily close all deals with a one-click digital signature. Leverage all document workflows in an organized way for various eSigning methods.

Electronic Signature Integration

esignature for integration

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