Guide: 3 tips on how integrations help you control your data

Sara Cronsioe
April 01, 2020

No matter your company size, system integration is becoming more and more important due to the increasing advances in automation and associated need to simplify processes for easier management. An integrated system is a happy system - it will help you exceed the needs of your customers, streamline your processes, reduce costs, and ensure efficiency throughout your organization. 

What is system integration?

The easiest way to explain system integration is to describe it as putting various independent components together to work as a whole. If your company uses several different subsystems, connecting them into one without losing valuable data or information along the way will result in more streamlined processes that will ultimately help you beat the competition.

Why are integrations so important?

Companies can struggle when managing the ever-growing dataset they are collecting from their employees, clients, and suppliers. Especially when the business is growing rapidly. When your processes aren’t aligned, it can be very time consuming to manage everything individually. After integrating your systems, you will reap the benefits of increased efficiency and effectiveness in your processes, while also reducing the disjointment caused by having all your data in different places.

3 reasons software integrations get you in control of your data

1. Data integration means smarter business decisions

Understanding data, in short, means smarter business decisions. Integrations create a more transparent data flow, which enables employees to act upon, and based on, data - instead of a gut feeling. By giving people the flexibility to use your data in whatever system, you’re giving them the opportunity to understand and make informed decisions. Which is good for them, and ultimately, for your business.

2. Ensured data quality

Data is great, but data can also be overwhelming. By integrating your data into one system, it's easier to filter and validate what is relevant for your business, without letting anything fall between the chairs. This way you can make sure that the data you do get, and the decisions made upon them, are robust and high quality.

3. Your data is real-time

An integrated data solution makes it easy to keep information relevant and up to date. One input can propagate across all integrated systems, keeping your data current, and everyone informed real-time.

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CRM system integration, your greatest asset!

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