Easy sales success: 3 digital sales room templates that deliver

Dec 11, 2023

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Maximizing Sales Efficiency: Digital Sales Room Templates

In the sales world, if you can’t adapt, you’re like a rock band still playing hits from the '80s – sure, it's classic, but your audience has moved on! And, of course, coming up with new hits is easier said than done. You’ll have to reinvent yourself and your business over and over again to be in tune with your customers.

But what if you had a sales enablement tool in your tech stack ready to help you reinvent yourself? A tool that everyone in your sales org, from sales reps to sales leaders, could benefit from? A tool that:

  • Adapts to your sales process, providing a personalized and effective experience every time
  • Brings sellers and buyers together, not just for deals, but for building lasting connections
  • Is designed to improve every step of the sales process, from the first virtual handshake to long-term customer success
  • Streamlines communication and collaboration
  • Has the perfect mix of modern tech and old-school sales charm?

Well, good news, that's exactly what a digital sales room is all about! 

Whether wooing a new customer or nurturing a long-standing relationship, digital sales rooms offer many functionalities tailored to your needs. 

Now, let’s look at some practical use cases for digital sales rooms. These showcase how you can effectively improve engagement, streamline processes, and achieve better outcomes.

  • Sales outreach: Stand out from the crowd! Spice up your first meetings with personalized videos, relevant content, and real-time collaboration, making first impressions impactful and memorable.
  • Customer onboarding and success: Improve post-sale customer experience with structured onboarding processes, training materials, follow-up plans, and ongoing support, ensuring long-term client satisfaction.
  • Full sales cycle management: Seamlessly guide customers from initial contact to final agreement with integrated presentations and mutual action plans.
  • Lead generation and nurturing: Attract potential customers, present tailored solutions, and maintain engagement through personalized interactions and targeted content.
  • Contract negotiation and closure: Streamline the final stages of the sales process with efficient contract management tools, e-signature capabilities, and clear communication lines, speeding up the time to close.

This article will explore three types of digital sales rooms that are most popular among our customers. 

Each template is tailor-made for specific stages in the sales journey, and you can easily recreate them:

  1. Outreach: This is your first impression maker, the one that breaks the ice and gets the conversation started.
  2. Full sales cycle: This is your all-in-one template, guiding you and your customer every step of the way.
  3. Onboarding: This one is all about keeping the momentum going after the deal is done, ensuring your clients are not just happy, but thriving.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these templates. 

1. Sales outreach template

Traditionally, sales outreach might have been a well-crafted email, a phone call, or even a face-to-face meeting. However, in the digital-first world, cutting through the noise is becoming more and more complicated, and traditional methods don’t always make the cut. 

If you have difficulty making yourself heard, maybe it’s time to try something new. This way of reaching out to prospects is more personal, engaging, and impactful. You will not only send a message but facilitate a conversation. Here’s how the sales outreach template can help you break the ice with style:

Sales outreach digital sales room template for Account Executives

  • Video greetings: Why write when you can speak? (Yup, even this blog post could’ve been a video, too!) With the ability to record short video greetings, sales reps can instantly create a personal, face-to-face experience.
  • Company storytelling: Here’s where you get to shine a spotlight on what your company does and how it can help. It’s about creating a narrative that’s not just informative but also engaging. Think of it as your elevator pitch, but way cooler.
  • The solution showcase: This is where the magic happens. Share your solution, back it up with numbers, and sprinkle in some social proof. 
  • Presentations: Sometimes, you need to go the extra mile. Add a full presentation to really dive deep into what you offer. 
  • Customer reviews: Nothing speaks louder than happy customers.
  • Contact options: Make it super easy for them to reach out. Add your contact info, calendar links, etc.

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2. Full sales cycle template

A deal cycle is similar to an ultra-marathon with several checkpoints but no clear finish line in sight. It starts with that initial outreach and spans over various stages, like discovery, proposal, negotiation, and closing the deal. Each stage requires its own tools and tactics, and managing all these parts can feel like a struggle, even if you’re the Usain Bolt of sales.

This is where a digital sales room's full sales cycle template can help. Here’s how it transforms the sales cycle from hello to handshake:

Full sales cycle digital sales room template

  • General intro: Set the stage with a custom-branded deal room. Upload a short pitch video and a personal introduction. Summarize your findings about their pain points and lay the agenda for your first meeting.
  • Company intro and pitch: Bring your company’s story to life. Upload your pitch deck and highlight how you can uniquely address your prospect's needs. Why not even pinpoint the top benefits that resonate most with them? 
  • Customer stories: Nothing builds trust like success stories. Add logos, quotes, and case studies from relevant customers. 
  • Mutual action plan: This is your roadmap from discovery to onboarding. Set clear steps and to-dos, making the journey transparent and collaborative. 
  • Meeting notes and recordings: Keep everyone up to date with all interactions, including meeting notes, recordings, and key takeaways.
  • Solution and pricing proposal: Finally, present your tailored solution and pricing, then sit back and relax (or not). 

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3. Onboarding template

Onboarding a new customer is like guiding them on a journey – it’s exciting, but everyone needs a clear map with checkpoints. This involves welcoming the customer, setting up their account, training them on your product or service, and making sure they're all set for a successful journey with your company.

Onboarding in a digital sales room provides a compass for you and your customer, turning this journey into a seamless, engaging experience. It’s about making the customer feel supported and well-informed every step of the way. Here’s how this could look:

Onboarding template

  • Welcome and intro: Start with a warm welcome. Record a short video introducing yourself as the Customer Success Manager. You can add your picture and contact details.
  • Setting the stage: Explain how you’ll use the room. This will be a collaborative hub where you’ll share materials, gather information, and build a relationship.
  • Mutual action plan: Outline the steps of the onboarding process. Each phase is a milestone in your customer’s journey with your company:
    • Kickoff: Define roles, goals, and success metrics.
    • Account setup: Get into the details of configuring their account and workflows.
    • Training: Conduct training sessions, walk them through settings, and, why not, wrap up with a certification test.
    • Go-live: The big moment! Roll out the implementation to all users.
    • Follow-up: Review the implementation, evaluate success metrics, and plan future check-ins and reviews.
  • Business reviews and check-ins: Keep track of KPIs with regular reviews and check-ins. 
  • Meeting summaries and training materials: Keep a repository of past meeting summaries and additional materials.

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Why your sales toolkit needs a digital sales room upgrade

From making that first connection with the outreach, guiding you seamlessly through the full sales cycle, to ensuring your customers are set for success with the onboarding – it's clear that digital sales rooms are incredibly useful for buyer engagement at every stage of the sales process.

No more juggling multiple tools or losing track of where you are in the sales process. With the right sales enablement platform, everything you need is in one organized, easy-to-navigate space that you and your customers can access with the same link at any time. 

And, of course, it’s not just about being the latest cool band in town, but lasting success. Just like those classic hits that still find their way into every playlist, digital sales rooms will become timeless classics in your sales tech stack, continuously evolving to meet the future.

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