Sales Efficiency: 3 ways to shorten your sales cycle

Sep 15, 2020

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GetAccept | 3 ways to shorten your sales cycle

Before you can move ahead with a sale, you will require the signature of the buyer. The challange is that many of your buyers may take a while to sign off on the sales proposal, lengthening your sales cycle. The longer it takes for a document to be signed, the bigger risk there is that your prospects will go cold. 

3 ways to shorten your sales cycle 

There are many different methods and tools that will help you to shorten your sales cycle. A good start is to implement a sales enablement tool that will give you the ability to create a proposal and contract workflows, to digitally e-sign your sales collateral and to gain sales insight with tracking and analytics features. 

1. It is important to have full control of your sales workflows, to be able to create, send, and track contracts with a clear understanding of your customers’ approval rights to keep moving towards a closed deal. Working with contract management features will give you the ability to streamline your contract process, to gain full control over all your sales collaterals and make sure the right person signs the contract by creating customized singing workflows. 

2. With sales tracking and analytics, you will be able to have full control of your sales process by always knowing if your important sales collaterals have been received, read, forwarded, or maybe completely ignored. With tracking and analytics insights you will be able to better understand what’s happening after you hit ‘send‘ and to take action with perfect timing. 

3. Are you still manually creating a sales document? Then it's time to start using electronic signatures, and to give your customers the ability to digitally sign documents in seconds from anywhere and on any device. Your customers will have very little time to “put it off” as they will not have to print a document, sign it, and then send it back. They can sign the sales collaterals and return it to you within seconds.

Invest in Sales Enablement 

There are a variety of different solutions that may assist you in generating more consistency between your sales collaterals. This may have an impact on how quickly documents are signed and returned to you.

The sales landscape has changed dramatically over the last decade. Organizations are implementing sales enablement strategies in order to stay ahead of the market. These strategies help sellers improve productivity, accelerate the buyer’s journey, and ultimately reach their target sales goals faster than ever.

If these are all goals you’re looking to accomplish, it might be time to invest in Sales Enablement. GetAccept Sales Enablement platform will help to reduce the length of your sales cycle. Our platform combines video, live-chat, proposal design, document tracking, and eSignature to help buyers and sellers engage in a natural way within a digital world. By personalizing and automating sales processes, GetAccept help industries and departments operate faster, with lower costs, and better experiences for customers and employees.

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