How to exploit sales automation after you send your proposal

Mar 1, 2021

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How to exploit sales automation after you send your proposal
You automate all parts of your sales process but what about the later stages, especially after you send your proposal until you close the deal?

Sales automation technology
is evolving rapidly, and when you have a look at your entire B2B sales process, from the beginning where you are developing leads, all the way to the end where you are closing business and signing contract, there are gazillion of tools you can use to automate the manual, time-consuming tasks.

In this article, we are going to zoom in to the later stages of your sales funnel, especially after you are ready to send your proposal, and show you how you can automate these stages to close more deals faster.

1) Document Tracking

You have created an amazing proposal and it is ready to be sent now. Are you going to send it as an email attachment? This should be the very first thing you should change today! Start using a link-based system to send proposals and other collateral without clogging inboxes or triggering spam filters. And get real-time notifications for when, where, and how your sales documents are viewed to get deeper insight into your target accounts.

2) Remarketing

Alright you have sent a tracked link to your proposal but your prospect is not opening it. What do you do? Good old follow up? Not yet! Thanks to technology, now you can build trust and awareness by setting up a specific remarketing campaign targeted only to the recipients of your proposal. While they are surfing the Internet and social media, they will see your display ads. This will certainly increase your open rate.

3) Live Chat

After seeing your remarketing ads a couple of times they decided to revisit your proposal, and now they are reading every section of it thoroughly. Because you are using document tracking, you receive a real-time notification, and you can see which page or section of your proposal they are reading at the moment. And you noticed that they got stuck at the pricing page, a clear indicator that they liked your proposal in general but they have concerns with the pricing. It is the perfect timing to get in touch. But how, phone call? No, thanks to technology, you can directly initiate a live chat within the document itself.

4) Click-To-Call

Today, technology enables you to have click-to-call functionality directly built into your sales documents. Imagine that your prospect is reading your proposal and they really need to negotiate something with you. Instead of searching for your phone number, or sending you an email, having a `click-to-call` button in front of their eyes will significantly increase the likelihood that they take action and call you right away. Bingo!

5) Electronic Signatures

Alright, now that you have negotiated everything and come to an agreement, you’re not off the hook yet. You still need to get the dotted line signed and have a legally binding contract to successfully close your deal. Are you going to ask your customer to print, sign, scan and send you the documents? Everybody hates paperwork. Have an electronic signature system in place and let your customers execute transactions at the moment they decide to buy.

Layout your sales process, zoom in to the later stages where you send your proposals, and think about your sales stack. Where can you use sales automation to shorten your sales cycle and close deals faster?

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