What is GetAccept?

Mar 1, 2021

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GetAccept | What is GetAccept?

We believe in the power of relationships and want to bring personal and engaging interactions to the online B2B sales process. Our sales enablement platform is an all-in-one Sales Engagement tool that helps sales reps to increase personal interaction in a digital sales environment. 

But, what is a sales enablement platform, and what kind of features will help you to grow your business? And of course, help your business to grow your sales numbers. 

What do the numbers say about our sales engagement platform?

Documents that are sent with GetAccept have an average hit rate of 67% and, if you add engaging communication channels we can see that the hit rate increased with 30% more than the average hit rate. Documents that were sent without any features like SMS, video, automatic chat, and automatic reminder correspond to 11% of all documents and had an average hit rate of 52%. The remaining 89% of documents sent with features like SMS, video, automatic chat, and automatic reminders had an average hit rate of 68%. This shows how important it is to add engaging communication channels to your online sales process when adapting to the digital way of selling.

According to McKinsey, by 2025, 80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers will occur in the digital channels which shows that there is a demand for adopting the digital way of doing business, with a growing conviction that digital is the way for the future. 

When we talk about engaging communication channels, what does that actually mean? And, how could these features help you to create personal and engaging interactions to your online B2B sales process?  

1. Tracking and analytics

With GetAccept’s tracking features you can get transparent and hands-on analytics, which gives you the opportunity to manage your deals based on customer analytics, observed through the whole sales process. We provide sales enablement data from the initial sales meeting to the final e-signed contract. 

The benefit of detailed behavior tracking in your online B2B sales process:

  • Manage your deals based on data and analytics
  • Build better agreements and be prepared for the next meeting
  • Gain insights into how recipients interact with your collaterals
  • Know if the collaterals have been forwarded to another stakeholder

2. Smart automation with AI

Make sure to never miss a contract extension by setting smart reminders to take action with perfect timing. You can also filter contract reports by deal value, customers, contract length, and other tags in order to enhance your contract management process. Adding smart automation to your sales process will help you to manage profitability, quoting analysis, and milestone tracking. 

The benefit of adding smart automation to your online B2B sales process:

  • Smart automation will help you to push the process forward automatically
  • Never miss a contract extension by adding automatic reminders
  • Smart automation will help you to take action at the right time
  • Smart automation will give you more time to focus on your next deal

3. E-sign with electronic signature

Electronic signature will give you and your customers the freedom to digitally sign documents and contracts remotely, anytime, anywhere on any device. Our platform allows you to streamline your signing process, even when working with more complex deals. You can easily place your clients in a specific signing order to facilitate a faster signing flow. 

The benefit of signing contracts and document with electronic signature: 

  • Legally binding 
  • Enhanced security with audit trail and full evidence log
  • Provide a painless eSignature experience for your customers
  • Sign contracts remote, anytime, anywhere on any device

4. Contract management

Our contract management feature will help you and your team to keep track of your signing processes. You can easily streamline your internal and external contract process by creating multi-recipient approval and signing workflows, making sure that the right person will fill in the right information at the right time including required fields, critical pricing data, and important legal terminology. 

The benefit of contract management in your sales process: 

  • Full control of your contract workflows
  • Engage important stakeholder with multi-recipients approval when sign contracts
  • Save time with archive library, find what you are looking for within seconds
  • Full control of the signing process, making sure that the right person signs your contracts

5. Attractive branding

Branded proposals and contracts will create trust and increase the engagement between the buyer and the seller. When creating proposals with GetAccept you can easily add your brand design, descriptions, pictures, reviews, or anything else to showcase your unique brand and tailor it to your customers. 

The benefits with attractive branding of your business collaterals: 

  • Close more deal by delivering awesome proposals and contracts
  • Create on-brand templates that showcase your unique brand
  • Get stunning, personalized proposals out the door in a matter of seconds
  • Stand out from the crowd with customized branded business collaterals

6. Personal send-outs

Our platform will help you to personalize your B2B sales process from the first shared asset to a signed contract. Just like face-2-face but in a digital way. Documents that are sent through GetAccept via SMS have an average hit rate of 74%, and 80% signed the document within an hour. It's all about being where your customers are, creating engaging and personal send-outs.

The benefit of adding personal communication channels to your B2B sales process: 

  • Using video in your sales process will help you to increase engagement 
  • Possibility to engage throughout the whole B2B sales process
  • Increase engagement with personal messaging through live-chat 
  • Increase your hit rate by 30% by adding communication channels 


7. Detailed behavior tracking of stakeholders

Get a clear understanding of the stakeholder structure and the customer organization, with detailed behavior tracking of how they interact with the content. With this information you will be able to create a customized outreach, and you will also get an instant notification if the documents are sent to a new recipient. 

The benefit of detailed behavior tracking in your B2B sales process: 

  • Always be one step ahead in the sales process
  • Understand the stakeholders and create a customized outreach
  • Create multi-recipient approval- and signing workflows
  • Get detailed behavioral tracking of how the recipient interacts with your content


8. Real-time notifications

Gain insights into how your recipients interact with your sales collaterals with real-time notifications. You will get notifications when the recipient wants to progress the discussion, or you can add smart reminders using our chat, in order to increase engagement with the recipient. You can also create one-time and personalized messaging directly connected to your sales collateral. Why? To help you to drive engagement and the decision process forward.

The benefit of real-time notifications in your B2B sales process: 

  • Be notified when prospects are ready to connect
  • Be available when the recipient have a question while reading the document
  • Get alerted when a document is opened, viewed, commented on, or forwarded
  • Empowering your team to jump into action with perfect timing

What is GetAccept?

Our sales enablement platform is built for sales and other businesses to design, send, promote, track, and e-sign contracts, leveraging business collateral, contract management, proposals, and electronic signatures in one place. From the first interaction to an e-signed document, a so-called Deal Room. 

Our sales engagement platform provides many functions and features like real-time insights about active deals, enabling sales teams to keep track of the real pipeline and maximize performance with the help of AI, smart reminders, sales engagement, and advanced reporting.

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