Electronic Signature - the most reliable signing method

Sara Cronsioe
April 01, 2020

Digitalization has drastically changed our way of communicating and today everything is done digitally. Signing agreements and documents can be a rather time-consuming process, but by switching to a digital experience you can sign agreements and documents in just minutes.

Electronic signature - the most reliable signing method

Esignatures is well established today and is considered the most reliable way to get documents signed online. Unlike what the technology of signatures looked like in the past, today's eSignature is easy to use and can be created using any digital device, as long as there is an internet connection.

Much safer than paper and pencil

With a eSignature you can be sure that your documents have not been tampered with after the signing, and that the identity of the counterparty can be established. By using additional verification methods such as signing through SMS or via e-identification such as Mobile BankID, you can ensure that the right person is signing the document.

Complete evidence with eSignature

Compared to a well-implemented eSignature, a handwritten signature has no advantage in a case involving the validity of a signed document. A traditional handwritten signature does not capture the actual occasion of the signature, which is of great importance in the event of a dispute. When you use a eSignature, the actual occasion of the signature is captured and with the help of the timestamp you can ascertain who has signed the document. A complete and fully automated history of activities is saved and linked to the document. All information that has been collected is sealed so that it cannot be manipulated.




A eSignature is as legally binding as a written agreement. The service is favorable to use, e-signing follows all laws and regulations such as the Signature Act, eIDAS and GDPR.

Read and learn about the benefits and why e-signing is safer than a handwritten signature, and how you can streamline your sales process at the same time.

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