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Sep 28, 2018

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Learn How to Negotiate & Close Every Deal | GetAccept

Imagine if you could learn how to negotiate and close every deal, and see an instant boost in your close rate. 

Or even better:

There’s someone to teach you killer negotiation tactics that you could use for sales closingLucky for you, there’s a company like that, and we’re going to introduce them in this article.

It is the Black Swan Group, founded by Chris Voss, a former FBI Lead International Kidnapping Negotiator, and author of negotiation best-seller, “Never Split The Difference”.


GetAccept learn how to negotiate with Chris Voss, Samir Smajic and Mathias Thulin

Bargaining Won’t Get You Want You Want

In their latest article, Brandon Voss explains why seasoned negotiators don’t bargain. Bargaining puts you in the wrong mindset for a negotiation and sets you up for failure. Many times you ask for something too soon in the negotiation process, and trigger a bargaining dynamic that’s hard to break.

The solution is easy though:

Learn how to negotiate well, and avoid bargaining altogether!

If you want to communicate in an emotionally intelligent way, gain trust and influence, you have to get away from creating a bargaining dynamic.

The first resource to learn about negotiation is of course the “Never Split The Difference” book. But if you still think you need more help, you can always arrange a coaching or training session with BlackSwan.

60-Second Negotiations Battle

Our relationship with them started at SaaStr in 2017. To hack the conference together, we came up with a crazy idea:

The 60-Second Negotiation Battle!

The purpose of this game was to illustrate most people have a predisposition to bargaining as opposed to negotiating. We had amazing success with it.

Watch how it goes:

So what’s the bottom line?

Bargaining is a discussion about what the other side wants. Whereas negotiation is about why they want it. Stop bargaining with your prospects today and learn how to negotiate with them!


Negotiate Even On Live Chat

Now you might be wondering:

Once I learn how to negotiate, where can I apply these negotiation tactics in my sales process?

Actually wherever you are having a real-time communication with your prospect, you can use them. Face to face, on the phone, video conference, and even on live chat.

For instance, one of coolest features of GetAccept is that we enable you to initiate a live chat with your prospect, directly on the sales document, with perfect timing, exactly when they are reading it. This is a killer weapon to drive sales engagement but you have to know how to use it well.

Together with BlackSwan, we put together an extensive guide with 7 proven live chat scripts that you can copy & paste and start using today.

So it’s your turn now. Go ahead and take action today. Think about how you can stop bargaining and start negotiation instead.

Start wowing buyers and hitting quotas now