5 reasons why Vainu increased sales by 35% using GetAccept [video]

Jun 27, 2019

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5 Reasons Why Vainu Increased Sales by 35% Using GetAccept

Vainu is a SaaS prospecting tool that has been bootstrapping their business in a truly impressive way over the years. Founded in Finland back in 2014, Vainu now has 6 global office operating in 5 countries with no ambition to slow down. Listen to CEO and co-founder Mikko Honkanen talk on the importance of staying at the top of your sales game while using GetAccept!



Implementing new tools to your sales organization does not automatically lead to success. However, Vainu's sales team works hard to learn and develop new ways to meet their customer's needs. Here are the 5 reasons why GetAccept boosted sales by 35%.

1. Low learning barrier

One of the biggest challenges in sales enablement services is the onboarding education on how to use the platform. GetAccept prides itself in creating a software that allows salespeople to easily learn the tool. By reducing the learning barrier, sales teams are more likely to leverage the sales tool to their advantage. Our client and CEO of Vainu, Mikko Honkanen, states;

“When it’s a tool that helps you close more business, it’s typically a tool people like to use - and that’s definitely the case at Vainu.”

2. Results are real

Sales enablement tools only work if people learn how to use them and the tools actually work. At GetAccept, we promise to aid in delivering results. We design our software around the seller-buyer relationship so that sales teams can increase deals sold and be more effective. Automatic reminders, chat and video functions, and eSignatures are all supporting features that provided the Vainu sales team with better results!

3. Comfortability and ease

If you want to attract the best, you need to provide the best. The best sales professionals don’t want to use outdated tools. They expect tools that yield insights, provide customer analytics, and track all documents in one place. By providing the sales team at Vainu with tools combined with the right CRM system, we gave sales professionals a comfortable opportunity be more effective!

4. Effective communication

Communication is not just a simple phone call anymore. Communication is much more than speaking clearly. Sales communication requires creativity, adaptability, and diversity. With sales enablement tool GetAccept, Vainu is able to take advantage of visual communication, verbal and non-verbal communication, and written communication. Being an effective salesperson is knowing when to use video, chat, email, or SMS depending on your client's needs.


5. Simple close with electronic signing (e-signing)

E-signatures help shorten the sales cycles process by 400%. By using a one-click solution to E-signing contracts, Vainu's sale team is able to use that extra time being more efficient. Using GetAccept's sales enablement service, you can track exactly when your customer's open, comment, and sign your contracts. Sales effectiveness increases when your sales team has complete control over the buyer journey!

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