Why GetAccept's Google integration revolutionizes your sales process

Jun 27, 2019

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GetAccept | GetAccept's Google integrations

GetAccept's dynamic integrations are constantly growing with CRMs and other various platforms in order to maximize sales effectiveness. Our most popular product integration amongst our customers is the Google Docs integration.

With the Google Docs integration, you receive the full power of all Google Doc features within GetAccept's sales enablement platform. The integration allows you to edit in real-time, and you never have to resend new proposals - so you can speed up the sales process. We give you an all in one solution to create, track, and measure the customer sales journey. Here are 9 reasons why our Google integration will revolutionize your sales process:

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1. It's easy to implement and use

It only takes a few minutes to successfully implement Google Docs using GetAccept's easy integrations tab. Just follow these 3 steps:

1. Go to the integrations tab in GetAccept, find the Google Docs Editor and click Connect 
2. Upload your templates inside the GetAccept Templates folder in your Google Drive Account
3. Return to GetAccept Templates and click sync - Done!

2. Increase flexibility

Google Docs integration gives you a wide range of free templates that you can edit inside GetAccept's platform. There's no limit to the various ways you can customize your templates to match your customer's needs, whether they are price quotes, proposals, or contracts! 

3. Convenience

Are you frustrated by inconveniently uploading a new template or document every time you want to create a new contract?  With the Google Docs integration, you can edit your template in real-time without ever changing the main version! Our goal is to provide convenient document management tools so that you can be efficient and effective when closing deals. 

4. Editing efficiency 

Do you ever find an error after you've sent the contract? Are you annoyed how long it takes to fix, edit, and resend? With Google Docs integration, you no longer have to create new documents or go backwards in your sales process. You can simple click "Edit Document", click save when you are finished and your customer will be notified of the changes! The implementation allows you to efficiently manage each contract throughout the editing process. 

5. Organization and control

Create folders inside GetAccept, and organize your Google Docs according to your preference. After each sync, your sales team gains full control to choose the latest version and perfect template for each purpose! With better organization and control, your sales team can create a better relationship with the customer. 

6. Reduce sales cycle duration

Deals are lost when you do not have efficient and effective access to all of the sales data you need to close. Our Google integration allows you to manage everything in one place. Create, develop, modify, and send documents without ever leaving the GetAccept platform. We eliminate the frustrating resending process. On average, you can save up to 20 minutes using Google Docs to manage documents inside the GetAccept platform. What would you do with an extra 20 minutes?

7. Supplement Sales with Google Sheets

Want to send your customer a calculation, table, or graph? No problem! The Google integration also comes with Google Sheets! Create columns, data tables, and any other creative features to your proposals.

8. Supplement sales with Google slides

Maybe a standard document or a fancy figure is not enough. Do you have any customers that would love a nice presentation to attract their attention? Not only do you receive access to Docs and Sheets, but with Google Slides you can customize unique presentations! Google Slides allows you to use GetAccept in a fun, dynamic, and versatile way to meet your customer's needs.

9. Eliminate the Valley of Death

Without Sales Enablement solutions, 60% of potential leads can be lost without any feedback or knowing why. By implementing the Google integration, GetAccept uses automation to reduce human error, manage analytics, and track your customer's sales journey. With GetAccept, you improve sales efficiency, effectiveness, and overall seller-buyer relationship. Streamline your sales process and eliminate the Valley of Death!

Want to learn more about integrations? Read our integration guide here. 

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