5 tips on how to attract female (top)sellers

Wilma Eriksson
June 30, 2020

Previously I have written that mainly it is the individual qualities and driving forces that separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to sellers, rather than actual differences between female and male sellers. But the fact is that we can still define a few things that are essential if you want to expand your sales team and rather prefer to attract women.

So far, from my experience during my career with having met many sales managers, if the sales manager gets to choose, they are happy to hire a female seller as a team with more mixed backgrounds is more powerful, and women often balance the teams.

So, to attract, advance, and retain female sellers, what is most important to consider? Our survey, conducted among almost 200 salespeople, including half women and half men, shows several factors that are essential for getting women interested in the job:

  • Opportunities for development - for both women and men, the opportunity for professional development is the far most important when looking for a job. In other words, it is essential for having clear structures for the possibilities for development in your company. Provide full transparency in what the next possible career steps look like and how to get there.

  • Leadership - Leadership is the second most important thing for women looking for a job. Women like their boss to be a skilled listener and to be able to coach, inspire, and challenge. Feel free to give concrete examples of how you work with leadership that strengthens these parts of your company.

  • Colleagues - Many women also think it is important that there are other female colleagues at the company where they will work. Women also point out that they consider the overall balance between women and men at the company.

  • Compensation model - The majority of women in our survey want to be rewarded for individual long-term performance, for example, with a fixed salary plus an annual bonus based on individual performance.
  • Qualities and Characteristics - Many women who opt out of working as a seller claim they do so due to an outdated view on what a seller is and does. Therefore, please highlight the personal qualities and experiences that are needed to succeed as a seller with you, and challenge the old stereotypical image of a seller deeply rooted within many of us.

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