The sales enablement event of the year is here and you are invited!

Oct 14, 2019

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The Sales Enablement Event of the Year |Best Sales Experts

 We are excited! For the first time ever, we’re bringing Silicon Valley’s best sales experts to Stockholm. Don’t miss out! The event is all about sales enablement. We have gathered some of the best Sales gurus to present the hottest sales war stories and tips that you can use to grow your business

Let's talk about sales enablement

Sales enablement is one of the trending topics in the sales world, and have been for the last couple of years. Sales enablement is defined as the strategic process that enables sales teams to have more eective engagements with customers throughout the entire buyer’s journey. By supplying the sales organization with valuable content, communication tools, and insights - sales enablement can scale your business from zero to hero! 

What is sales enablement and why is it important

Let's start with the sales cycle. The two most important stakeholders that make up the sales cycle are the seller and the buyer. The buyer is curious about a product or service, and the seller’s responsibility is to cultivate the buyer’s curiosity until a sale is made.

As the buyer experience becomes increasingly personalized and complex, the seller must learn how to be adaptable, flexible, and ready to serve the buyer in any way possible.

Imagine equipping salespeople with the exact resources any buyer would need in order to close a sale at any moment. Is this possible? Yes, it is! Find out more at our event. Do you really dare to miss out on this opportunity?

Don’t miss out! Grab your spot today!

We know that you want to know more about sales enablement. This unique opportunity will allow you to meet with like-minded individuals and industry experts. Get inspiration from the previous CMO & CRO of Slack Inc and the sales guy who outperformed Elon Musk and Bill Gates on LinkedIn with the most engaging post. 

This and so much more will happen at our event! You don’t want to be the only one without a ticket, so what are you waiting for?!

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