Smile-And-Dial: How to not Suck at Sales Calls

Samir Smajic
April 29, 2016

coldcall.jpgTo smile when you dial is making you sound more energetic and it will shine through

Sales professionals can agree on two things: first, many of us do not love making cold calls. And second, all of us have to make them. Although the marketplace buzzes with new technologies that make sales techniques more diverse and efficient than ever before, using the phone to contact prospects remains critical.

How can you erase some of the dread so often associated with cold calling? Here’s a few pointers to help you smile and dial.

Put fear in its place

Let’s admit it: the fear of being rejected lies at the heart of every dreaded cold call. Hearing “no” is not always fun. But, if you acknowledge that “no” is not only going to happen, but it’s going to happen regularly, you can make cold calling easier on yourself. A negative response is just part of the deal. It doesn’t mean you’re a failure or that you’re being rejected; the prospect is simply saying “no.”

So, change up your thinking. Hearing a negative response is not the worst thing that can happen. Worse is not making the calls at all and losing out on your potential to be a star in your job. Not every call has to perfect; it just has to be made. Just do it!

Why don't you calculate what you sales call is worth? Divide your sales turnover with the number of calls as a good motivator. Every sales call is on average worth $XXX makes it easier to make the call.


Be prepared

You can decrease the number of rejections you receive by preparing. You’ve heard it before, but we’ll say it again: do your homework, research your prospects, and call only those prospects who qualify. If you’re calling folks whom you know can benefit from your product, you’ll be that much further ahead.

Also, practice what you’re going to say. Say it aloud to a colleague or to a friend. You’ll be surprised at how hearing the sound of your own voice increases clarity and confidence. Your message can be relatively short, polite and friendly. In fact, that’s a winning cold call combination.

Just a reminder: you might want to email someone before you call them. An email introduction might feel more palatable, and it’s a simple way to present the value of your product to your prospect. Again, email only folks whom you’ve qualified. Put in some time up front and you’ll be happier—and so will your prospect.


Break it into pieces

Even if you’ve psyched yourself up to make calls, the quota itself can be daunting. Set up a system where you break your list into small chunks—say, you make 5 calls and then you give yourself a quick reward, such as listening to 10 minutes of a podcast. Just don’t let the reward last too long--you don’t want to lose your momentum. But the work-reward approach will move you through that list more quickly. And you’ll have the great feeling of having controlled a task rather than the task controlling you.

Once you’re on a roll with conquering your calls, enjoy the ride. You’ll talk to prospects who want to learn more. That’s when the fun really begins, as you talk to them about your product’s value and potential, and problems you can help them solve. Now, pick up the phone and let your smile and talents shine through. And to Smile is actually really important, it shines through and the person on the other side will notice it.

The feeling when you close a deal on the first call of the day



What secret tips do you have to help you get those sales calls done?  

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