How to reach your customers with perfect timing to increase sales

May 31, 2017

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How to Increase Sales with Perfect Customer Outreach Timing

As a sales manager, you know what 'perfect timing' to reach a potential customer means when it comes to closing the deal. If you are too late, you loose them. If you are too early, you annoy them. Historically, for salespeople it has been like an art to hit the right timing. Thanks to recent technological developments, there are several sales tools at your disposal today, which will enable you to ensure that you contact your customers just at the right time.

Live chat solutions

Especially with the advance of chat bots, 1:1 Messaging with your potential customers is rapidly becoming the preferred method of communication. Live chat solutions typically come in two forms: embedded on your website for the early stages of your sales cycle (e.g. Intercom) and embedded on your document tracking or proposal software for the closing stage (e.g. GetAccept). With the right live chat solution, you can easily hit perfect timing. For example you might be able to interact with your potential clients the moment they are reading the documents that you have sent them. This will enable you to talk to them directly and answer all queries related to what they have read. This in turn enables real-time client interaction, which will greatly increase your chances of closing the deal successfully.


‘Click-to-Call’ feature

We all have "Contact Us" pages on our websites, or our phone numbers on our email signatures. However, if you want to hit the perfect timing, you have to remind your customer to call you, when they just need to get in touch with you, such as when they are just reading your sales collateral. Today, the best proposal software will have click-to-call functionality built into the proposal document itself. This dramatically increases the engagement rate, and the likelihood that your potential customer calls you.

Document tracking tools

Certain solutions in the market will notify you when your potential customers start/stop reading your documents, and which sections in the proposal that they took extra care over. This is great for your sales team as there will no longer be any ‘guesswork’ when it comes to whether the client has read the document or not. You will know the exact moment that they have read it and make your sales pitch at the right time with all the relevant information, especially highlighting your client’s area of interest.

Email tracking tools

With email tracking tools, whenever you send an email to your prospective customer, you get notified when they open your email and click any of the links in your email. Some solutions also provide email attachment tracking, where you get informed when an attachment is downloaded. As a salesperson, this allows you to strike the iron when it is hot, and contact your prospective customers at the right time, typically when they engage with your email.

All-in-One solution for perfect timing

Ensuring that you have the right tools at your disposal will almost certainly lead to an increase in the number of sales that you are able to close. An all-in-one solution such as GetAccept, offers all the features mentioned above and more.

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