5 reasons you should integrate GetAccept with your HubSpot CRM

Jul 18, 2017

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5 Reasons You Should Integrate GetAccept To Your Hubspot CRM

Recently we have released our Chrome Extension to integrate GetAccept to your Hubspot CRM. So what does that mean for you? Shortening your sales cycle, increasing your hit rate, and greater visibility to your sales process, avoiding the black hole of sales.

GetAccept blog: 5 reasons you should integrate GetAccept with your HubSpot CRM

1 - By Far the Best Integration We Have Built Including Personalized Video Introduction!

First of all because we are big fans ourselves of the HubSpot CRM platform and wanted to add all our experience working with CRM, sales collateral and electronic signatures together from one place. With our new integration you can also present all of your sent documents from your CRM with a personalized video introduction. Try it today and surprise your customer, we can guarantee that it works to engage your customer and prospects. It doesn’t need to be so hard to use video in your sales process. Start today!

2- Best Choice of Free CRM for Small Businesses and Startups

We have many customers not using any CRM at all and we believe "Free Forever" Hubspot CRM is probably your best choice to get started. Combined with GetAccept's super powers, you will close more deals than ever.

3- Market Your Deals Through Marketing Automation

For all of you who have worked with marketing automation you also know the challenge to identify all the stakeholders in the deal. With this new integration we make sure that you have all the stakeholders that have the read the document converted into tracked contacts in HubSpot. When you send your sales documents to your potential customers, GetAccept can `market` your deal by initiating marketing automation workflows directly in Hubspot. By using engagement features like this you can increase your win rate with 41%!

4- Speed Up Your Sales Process With Electronic Signatures

Did you know that companies using digital signatures shorten their sales cycle by 25%? And when you integrate your Hubspot CRM with GetAccept you instantly start using digital signatures, no need to pay for a standalone solution!

5- Stand Out from the Crowd and Track All of Your Sales Documents

When you send a sales document, like a proposal, quote or presentation you can track whether they have opened it or which pages they have seen. And this is a great first step to avoid the black hole of sales, where you have no idea what your customer does with your sales document. GetAccept gives you even more visibility to your sales process, you can have a live chat with your customers, get informed when they print or forward your document, and therefore absolutely eliminate the black hole.

Hubspot CRM and GetAccept is like peanut butter and jelly, they go very well together! Install our Chrome Extension and start using all the features of GetAccept directly inside your HubspotCRM. No need to switch back and forth between two applications. We hope you like it as much as we do. Start closing today!

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