How To Boost Sales Revenue with Sales Automation Software in a Startup

Mar 29, 2017

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How To Boost Sales Revenue with Sales Automation Software

Your job as a sales manager is to boost sales revenue. While doing this, you must ensure that the techniques that you utilize do not eat into company profits too much. It is, therefore, important that you focus on reducing overheads related to sales. While there are several different methods that you can utilize, perhaps the most effective is sales automation software.

Automation software reduces the amount of time and effort required to conclude a single sale. There are multiple benefits to this. First; you will be able to conclude more sales in a shorter period. The second benefit is that profit per sale will be higher, simply because you will be dedicating less time to it.

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How Sales Automation Software Can Increase Sales Revenue

Sales automation software will drastically speed up the sales process. When you are operating a smaller sales team, as many start-ups are, it is important that you do not have your staff spending too long on a single sale. This may be feasible when you are operating a larger company, although still not recommended, but it certainly is not feasible now. You can think of sales automation software as being akin to ‘filling in the blanks’. You will have a set proposal in place, which your staff members will be able to tailor specifically for your client. This will ensure that you are able to pump out sales proposals quicker.

Perhaps the biggest ‘stumbling point’ for many smaller companies is that their proposals never reach the key decision makers. They are cut out by the ‘gatekeeper’ as the gatekeeper sees no value in the proposal. Some sales automation systems will allow you to directly target the key decision makers. It will bypass the gatekeeper, and ensure that it gets into the hands of the right people. As a sales manager, you will know that even if the gatekeeper does eventually pass on the proposal to the right person, the longer it takes for this process to conclude, the more likely it is that you will lose the sale.

A good sales team will work together. Information will constantly be shared to help with the conclusion of a sale. While you may be operating a smaller team in a start-up, it is still going to be tricky to ensure that everybody is on the ‘same page’ when it comes to communication. Sales process automation will help to alleviate some of these problems. Information can be shared between staff members on the digital proposal. This is one tool which will not only help your sales team become more organized, but boost your chances of concluding a sale.

Perhaps the biggest issue with operating a startup sales team is the fact that you do not really have an organizational structure in place. You may have a ‘barebones’ structure, but you should always be looking to optimize it in a bid to boost sales. Sales automation software will allow you to do this. You will be able to generate reports which will allow you to determine the areas in which your team needs to improve. You will then be able to organize your team around these areas, leading to increased sales.

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