eSigning is a Fad...

Jan 27, 2017

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eSigning is a Fad...

5 reasons NOT to use eSigning 

So, you’re thinking about going digital with your proposal and signing process? Think again, there are many hurdles to overcome. Here’s my personal top-5 on why you should stick with pen and paper (and maybe even the trusted Fax-machine).

1. Prefer long sales processes

You’re not the type that likes things to go smoothly for you and your customers – in fact, it’s quite nice to have long and complex processes – especially when it comes down to closing the deal.  You simply love to play cat-and-mouse!

2. Digital is a trend

Social media, social schmedia. In a few years, we will all go back to the way it was before all of this "tech" stuff took over our lives. Then, what will happen to your new fancy-schmancy digital signing process?

3. Global warming needs a push

We all need to do what we can to use the last fossil resources and warm up the planet – especially in the chilly north where I live. What better way than drive back and forth to customers, printing proposals and contracts?

4. Don’t like to play safe

You’re a rock star. So what, if a couple contracts slip away in the post office, or end up in the bag that you left at the summer house. Most of the customers will never notice, and you will end up with discussions over details with even fewer. You win some – you lose some.

5. Like pen and paper

You can’t beat the feeling of a warm, newly printed contract – ready for signing. Except for when the printer needs new toner. Or paper. Or service…. Well, Ok… nothing can beat this old Moneymaker-pen I have. Unless the ink is dry. Damn it.

Bonus! You prefer to be average

Here’s one more. Why try to stand out from the crowd? Yes, e-signing will open up a range of new possibilities and smart features that will increase your close rate, but that will lead to increased targets – and to quote Biggie, The Notorious B.I.G.– “Mo money Mo problems”. 

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