10 Sales Metrics You Should be Tracking to Keep Revenue Soaring

Dec 23, 2016

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10 Sales Metrics to be Tracking to Keep Revenue Soaring

 Sales metrics provide the foundation for assessing performance and charting a path towards increased revenue. We’re huge believers in “what gets measured gets done,” and with that, sharing 10 of them that you should be tracking as you rally and motivate your team to close more deals.

1. Email Opens

Not a surprise, but one that provides insights on a number of levels. Tracking whether or not your prospect is opening (and clicking on) emails helps reps keep a pulse on where the deal is headed. SMS, direct calls, and social media updates should all be triggered based on the frequency of email opens.

2. Emails Forwarded

At first glance, it may not seem that important. However, if your point of contact is sending documents to another person, it could mean they are an influencer rather than a true decision-maker. Try connecting with that person to get direct access so you can close the deal.

3. Document Views

Because closing a sale involves a variety of decision-makers and people to review the proposal or contract, the number of times a document is viewed can complement the temperature read of your reps. Using frequency and duration of view can help determine if the document is stuck in legal review or if there is a certain part of the contract that is confusing and holding up the sale.

4. Document Downloads

A number of downloads indicate interest in socializing the information with a wider group of people. This often reveals that your prospect is taking serious next steps to close and may warrant a connect point to offer additional information before their presentation meeting.

5. Document Pages Viewed

Are you tracking which pages, and for how long, your prospects are viewing? You can see where they spent most of their time, whether it’s the scope of work or the contract, or the executive summary. You can use this knowledge to determine how familiar the prospect is with your document before your next sales call.

6. Website Revisits

Is your prospect triggering notifications of site revisits? Maybe it’s because of the personalized retargeting features in GetAccept, which can increase close rates up to 103%. A prospect who is continually returning to your site is more likely to close - try making a connecting point while they’re on your site since you’ll be top of mind.

7. Website Pages Viewed

When your prospect comes back to your website, where are they going? The contextual knowledge you get from tracking their visits can help you close the deal by adding more value to your proposal based on what your prospect is interested in.

8. Close Rate

This metric clearly shows where the rubber meets the road. Perhaps your team has expressed optimism about their pipeline or celebrated some key wins, but the needle has not moved yet regarding this sales metric. Close rate is one of the most pragmatic ways to measure performance that we have found.

9. Time to Close

This sales metric too shows the efficacy of your team’s efforts and can help identify the precise points in the pipeline that need to be addressed for greater success.

10. Prospect to Close Rate

What percentage of cold prospects turn into actual customers? If you have this data, you can work backward to determine how many cold prospects you need to get touch points with in order to reach your goal customers closed per month.

The good news is that GetAccept features and reporting provide data related to all these 10 sales metrics, and support integrations with other marketing and sales automation solutions.

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