From communication to programming! Meet Helen, developer at GetAccept

Mar 9, 2020

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Meet Helen Luu - Developer at GetAccept | GetAccept Culture

For Helen Luu, developer at GetAccept, the IT industry hasn't always been the obvious choice. With a background in media and communication science, she decided to apply to AW Academy’s course in programming. During those 12 weeks, she found a new way to express her creativity - through coding.  

An R&D team with a great team spirit 

Two years later Helen joined GetAccept, as a frontend developer. She describes that stepping in to the R&D department at GetAccept, was stepping into an amazingly ambitious team, eager to help each other out. She describes it as an unusually strong sense of team feeling, with an equally strong desire to create a really great product.

A shared love for coding and agile project management

Helen didn’t know about GetAccept before she started. She applied for many jobs and describes it as a coincidence that she came across GetAccept. In the first conversation with Andreas Helgegren, VP of Engineering, the conversation quickly turned into an inspirational dialogue about coding, and also their shared vision of how to build a strong technical team.

"We are both very geeky when it comes to processes and agile project management. Many people talk about working agile, but few people understand what it means in practice."

I immediately felt that this was the place where I wanted to be!

At GetAccept Helen gets to work with the latest technologies and everyone is encouraged to stay up-to-date with, and to test new technologies, to constantly develop the product. Once a month, the R&D team conducts a so-called hackathon, where everyone in the team gets to test other code languages and new frameworks.

Despite the change of industry, Helen still has a big passion for communication. She is a volunteer in communications at the Pink Programming Association, where they work to increase the interest in programming among women and non-binary.

“GetAccept has always been clear that they are actively working for a greater diversity within the company. Andreas has always encouraged my involvement in Pink Programming, and has always highlighted my work in regards to these issues”. 

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