5 reasons why you should integrate GetAccept with your CRM

Mar 5, 2020

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5 reasons why you should integrate GetAccept with your CRM

GetAccept's list of native integrations is constantly growing with CRMs and other sales enablement platforms to help companies drive efficiency throughout their workflows. When you connect to your CRM, you not only get the full spectrum of GetAccept’s personalization and engagement features, but you also get the convenience of creating and delivering your send outs without ever leaving your CRM! You get an all in one solution to create, track, and, measure your customers’ sales journeys. 

1. Get real-time insights and follow-up with perfect timing using deal tracking

When you want to deliver any piece of sales collateral to your prospect, you would usually attach it to an email inside your CRM. After sending the email with the attached file, the only alert you get is when the recipient opens the email. With GetAccept’s deal tracking, you receive real-time notifications when your customers view, download, print, forward, and sign your sales assets, which will help you follow-up with perfect timing, everytime. 

2. Gain full control over the storage of your templates and signed contracts

Create folders inside GetAccept’s template section to make it easy for reps to find the exact sales asset they need within the CRM. Organize your signed documents according to your tagged preferences and automatically store a signed PDF copy right on the contact, company, or deal within your CRM. By making your sales processes more streamlined and standardized, your reps can focus on making your customers happy rather than stumbling through manual tasks.  

3. Increase customer engagement and win rate with video 

With GetAccept, you can shoot and attach a video to your sales asset right within your CRM. By doing this, you create a unique first impression with a personal touch that will ensure your customers stay engaged throughout the entire deal cycle. Recap a call you had with them, summarize the details of the deal, or simply wish them a great weekend with the family! Adding a video with every piece of collateral you send will create a truly personalized experience for your customers and will keep them coming back.

4. Create engagement with prospects when they view your sales assets

When your prospects view your documents, you will instantly get notified and can send them a message in the live-chat or call them. Even if you forget to manually reach out to them, GetAccept will send an automated comment while they are viewing your asset, encouraging them to reply back. This real-time communication will dramatically increase your engagement, while also giving your reps the opportunity to deliver white-glove service by answering questions and objections instantaneously.

5. Legally binding eSignature right inside your CRM

Are you still burdening your customers by having them print, scan, and email signed documents using pen and paper? Getting all parties to place their signature on an agreement is often one of the biggest bottlenecks when closing a deal. With GetAccept, you can collect legally binding electronic signatures right inside your CRM, with no additional setup or cost. This will shorten your sales cycle, increase your hit-rate, and help your company move towards a paperless future. 

GetAccept uses automation and personalization to help your team create a unique buying journey for your customers - one with reduced human error, perfectly timed follow-ups, and the convenience of eSigning. Your sales team will thank you for giving them a tool that will help them close more deals, and your customers will appreciate your ability to deliver the highest quality purchasing experience! 

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