Best sales podcasts in 2023

Nov 7, 2022

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Best sales podcasts in 2023

Are you one of the 383.7 million podcast listeners in the world, and you work with sales?

Honestly, there are so many good sales podcasts out there that it can feel daunting to find the one that will bring you some value.

Do you want short, actionable tips on a daily basis? Or more in depth insights into sales methodologies? Or maybe you're more into leadership and revenue trends...

Whatever it is, and whether you're listening to it on your commute, at the gym, at work or on your home stereo, here's our list (in no particular order) of our favorite sales podcasts to listen to in 2023.

Top 10 podcasts for 2023

Sell or Die

With over 600 episodes and over 3 000 000 downloads, you’re sure to find what you need to beef up your sales playbook with best-selling author Jeffrey Gitomer and sales expert Jennifer Gitomer. 

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Conversations with Women in Sales

The world of sales has, for way too long, been male dominated. Think Glengarry Glen Ross, Boiler Room, Wolf of Wall Street.. This gem of a podcast brings its audience the same level of practical insights as the others on this list, but through the voice of a woman kicking ass in sales. Or a male ally, as they put it. Hosted by Lori Richardson.

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The Salesman podcast

The world’s most downloaded B2B sales podcast. Hosted by Will Barron, the show has featured NASA astronauts, F1 drivers, world leading neuroscientists… Oh yes, of course: and the world’s  leading sales experts. Will’s pretty smart and has made two related shows, Selling Made Simple, which features 10-minutes only episodes for those in a rush, and This Week in Sales, which covers the latest sales news, tech and culture from the past week.

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Sales Hacker podcast

Powered by Outreach, the Sales Hacker community provides insightful content for sales practitioners in various formats, and audio is definitely one of them. Their podcast, hosted by Sam Jacobs, already has north of 200 episodes so everyone can already find something relevant for them.

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B2B Revenue Leadership podcast

As its title implies, this once-a-week, 30-minutes-long podcast focuses not on sales, per se, but revenue. And leadership. It’s a nice way to tackle topics that bridge gaps between sales and marketing, but also looking at revenue challenges from a CEO or VC perspective. Brought to you by the founder of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling.

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The Sales Evangelist

Donald Kelly’s podcast is pretty straightforward: a successful sales rep shares what he’s been doing to hit 6 figures to evangelize the position. Weekly episodes, already on season 35 (?), with some great guests like Guy Kawasaki, and as niched episodes as 5 underutilized LinkedIn features that can give you more leads this week.

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Sales influence - why people buy

This one’s got an interesting take: the podcast looks at your buyers and why they buy (could be interesting, right?). It has a mix of in-depth episodes of 40+ minutes, usually with a sales influencer guest, but also a lot of much shorter and digestible content ranging from 2 minutes to 11 minutes, on topics like how to offer better terms & conditions or reactivate old clients.

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Sales Leadership podcast

Similar to the B2B revenue leadership podcast, this one also looks at ... leadership, and more specifically, how can sales leaders create predictable, repeatable and scalable success. This one goes really in-depth, as each episode clocks in at around an hour every week, and with over 200 episodes dropped already, there's a lot of catching up to if you haven't given it a listen.

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The Sales Podcast

New episodes from Wes Schaeffer drop every three or four days, and each of them are around 50 minutes long, so there's a looooot of content there. Although it describes itself as focusing on inbound (marketing and sales), it has quite a few episodes focusing on outbound, so it really covers the full spectrum of sales.

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The Sales Ladder

Want to think crazy differently about sales? Then you've got a new favorite podcast. The Sales Ladder provides tips, tricks and insights into the world of sales from leading practitioners. Episodes vary in length, from 20 minutes to almost a full hour, with guests such as Daniel Disney, Bill MaCaitis (former CMO Slack & Salesforce), Charlotte Johnson from Salesloft, Ciara Flaherty from Outreach and many more.

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