5 tips on how to handle sales objections due to societal changes

Mar 20, 2020

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How to Handle Sales Objections Due to Societal Changes

Is your team trying to sell in a market that is under extreme pressure? Whether it's an ongoing pandemic, political insecurity, or extreme weather - you, as a sales person, need to step up and sharpen your objection handling. 

Here are some of our best tips to help you get through these tough times:

1. Help the customer think long-term

When we, as humans, are “in the storm” we tend to react with our natural instinct to either run away or be passive. Help expand your customers' perspective to lift their vision by asking them if they remember what happened after the last crisis. Most likely, they will remember that after a few weeks or months, everything was back to normal.

2. Remember the initial pain or problem

If you are in midway through or towards the end of the sale, remind your prospects of their initial pain and reason for starting this dialogue. What problems were we trying to solve for you? Have these problems gone away during the crisis or have they perhaps become even more relevant? 

3. Be flexible

In a crisis, people and companies alike try to avoid risk. Think of your offering, your company's vision, and KPIs. Try and come up with a couple of tactical offers that can help your client avoid risk, while still keeping positive margins on the sale. Perhaps lengthening payment terms or lowering the contract length? Figure it out with your team and get it out to prospects that are at risk.

4. Move quick rather than perfect

When there is a critical situation, it will come fast and there simply won’t be time to make a perfect plan. Instead, make sure you act fast and adapt to new realities when they are discovered. Things can change over night!

5. Use customer stories

In a crisis situation, there is no better way to help the customer feel secure about their decision than telling a story about a third party. Make sure success stories are accessible across the organization and are used in sales dialogues. Pitching with real stories is your most powerful weapon during tough market conditions.

BONUS: Set next steps 

So, perhaps you tried all of the above but the customer still wants to postpone your ongoing dialogue? Make sure to get a next step booked in the calendar. Trust me - it's going to save you much time and effort in a few months when you pick the deal back up. If you don’t… Stay active - Stay positive!



More tips and tricks?

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