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5 tips on how to create a remote sales team that rocks!

Anders Holmberg
March 18, 2020

Is your sales team located across different offices or working remotely? Here are our best tips on how to create a team that rocks!

Set clear (like super-clear) expectations

When working remotely, it’s more important than ever to be clear on what is needed in terms of goals, activities, and daily actions. Focus on goals that are leading indicators of future success, rather than goals that measure the actual outcome in sales.

Be human in your communication

Email and internal chat are great tools to communicate, but when you are not face-to-face there is a bigger need to communicate over the phone or through video to establish a human connection. This goes both for internal and external communication. Pick up the phone!

Combine different types of group sessions

Set up a clear weekly way of working, which includes both small-group sessions/pipe reviews and larger Company-wide meetings that include more people. When everyone is remote, it’s more important than ever to establish a strong team culture.


Remote sales at getaccept

Use smart technology

There is no shortage of cool tech out there - some of our favorites include:
GetAccept_Logo_Only Zoom for video conferencing
Vainu for prospecting and keeping up to date with changes on your top clients
Chorus for sales call coaching/training
GetAccept_Logo_Only Hubspot for activity tracking and customer management
GetAccept_Logo_Only SalesScreen for gamification and transparency
GetAccept_Logo_Only LinkedIn for social selling

Promote and highlight good performances

If you work in sales, there is a big chance you are goal-oriented but also want recognition and appraisal for your hard work. Remember to work proactively with this if you all are remote, as a remote worker more easily can feel unappreciated and lose morale when times are tough. Highlight good performances and success stories to everyone so that the team feeling gets stronger!

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