5 Social Selling Hacks to Close Your Deals Faster

Sep 22, 2017

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5 Social Selling Hacks to Close Your Deals Faster

In today’s oversaturated market, companies really need to bring their A-game in order to be successful and grab their customer’s attention. Luckily, social selling exists and it allows businesses to thrive on their creativity and improve their deal closing rates.

Don’t let the name mislead you - social selling is not about selling stuff to people on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. Social Selling is all about allowing people to create, develop and nurture relationships as part of their sales process by engaging with their prospects on different social media platforms.

As a guest writer on this blog I'm going to describe how we work with social selling at Saleswings. We use social selling to bring lead website tracking to sales and marketing teams and help them easily and successfully close deals together. Our sales funnel starts with a content-based social media marketing strategy where we target, find and approach the right people.  Next step for us is to qualify our leads quickly using a real time contact data enrichment, which enables us to have instant access to information about the leads, links to their social media profiles and key data about the company they’re part of. This helps us to quickly qualify those leads and decide on next actions to be taken. 

Not a social selling pro yet? Fear not, because we give you 5 social selling hacks which can and will help you close your deals faster.

1. Warm Up These Cold Emails

Most people have negative attitude towards cold contacts. If they don’t know you, have not expressed some type of interest in your product, most probably they will just ignore your email. This is why it is crucial to improve your chances by finding the right person to contact. Luckily there are tools like GetEmail.io that can help with that. It helps you find the key person, map the organization and find the email of the decision maker which you need to approach.

2. Supercharge Your Lead Generation Tracking Efforts on LinkedIn

If you are a B2B company chances are LinkedIn is your favorite playground. One of the best tools we have stumbled upon is Dux - Soup. Think of this Google Chrome extension with a funny name as a virtual assistant which follows you around on your daily tasks. It will allow you to visit thousands of profiles with just one simple click and increase your sales in no time. Give it a go and you thank us later.

3. Target the Most Relevant Leads with Minimum Effort

Finding relevant to your business leads and engaging with a good number of them can be a challenge to many. This is where Socedo steps in and helps you easily find the most relevant leads in no time. It offers a targeted search and connects with the leads through a chain of customizable automated engagement and brings warm leads in easy and efficient way.

4. Automate Your Social Media Scheduling

Timing is everything. Sure, you can share your content manually, but why do that when there are just so many cool tweet scheduler tools and other social media scheduling software like Buffer and Hootsuite which would make the whole process and your life easier.

5. Keep the Golden Rule in Mind: “Be Funny, Be Knowledgeable, Be Helpful”

Last but not least: Don’t just talk about yourself and your products or services, because people are fed up with being constantly bombarded with promotional messages. Always try to come up with creative and innovative ways to reach your audience and above all be helpful.

Applying these five social selling hacks will definitely help you close deals faster but never forget that in the sales world “Timing is everything”. The first person to make the pitch is the one who ends up closing the deal most of the time. Communicating with your prospects at the right time is what social selling is mainly about. This is why a tool like GetAccept can help you greatly by making sure you don’t miss out on a perfect moment and automatically takes the next step in your active deals.

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