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How GetAccept 3x ARR in 12 Months! [video]

Viktoria Dahlgren
January 10, 2019

How did GetAccept tripple their ARR in 12 months? Nathan Latka with The Top Podcast is finding out the delicious numbers, details and secrets from Samir Smajic - CEO of fast growing, fast paced GetAccept.

Nathan Latka is driving the five-star rated podcast TheTop where he interviews thought leaders and business owners all over the world. Now the turn has come to Samir Smajic, CEO and co-founder of GetAccept. Tune in for details! 

Some of the key take-aways;

  • How to keep your churn to a minimum (and even surplusing it)
  • Why partnerships are a crucial part of delivering numbers
  • Fundraising or Bootstrapping?
  • Samir's best tip to himself before he started this journey


GetAccept's Key to 3x ARR Growth in Last 12 Months



 For more videos, visit GetAccept and Nathan Latka on YouTube. Thumbs up if you like!

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