3 Sales Tips From One of Our Customer

Jan 14, 2016

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3 Sales Tips From One of Our Customer

One of our customer blogs about how he uses GetAccept to close more deals more efficently.

Topic: A sales tools that saves me time - so I can have lunch with my colleagues

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This is a blog post republished from Martin Norberg at Lundalogik AB Sales tips

A Tip: A sales tools that saves me time - so I can have lunch with my colleagues

If you, as I have read Fredrik Eklund’s book "Sell", you have surely seen the tips that sounds; "Do not eat lunch with your colleagues", "do not waste your precious sales time". I like my colleagues and I like food and therefore I'm constantly looking for ways to streamline my sales and optimize my time. When I find a way or tools that helps me I want to share that with you.

A while ago I ran into a tool called GetAccept, developed by a Swedish company. It saves me time, gives me new insights about the on-going deals and accelerates the closing process. How? In three simple steps:

  1. Track if the customer opened my "before-the-meeting" presentation

After I have booked a meeting for presentation with one of our CRM system I always send the prospect a presentation. This is a perfect reason to ask for contact details of those who will participate in the meeting.

I send the presentation to everyone with GetAccept and get instant feedback on whether they read it, where in the document they spend their time and perhaps most importantly: who have not opened it at all. Prior entering the meeting, I know which parts I should focus the most on and which participant I should focus most of my time on.


An overview how the recipients act on my sent document.

  1. Have all viewed the the quotation? I.e. the deal is hot or not?

The meeting often end up in sending a quotation, which includes everything from the introduction of the CRM system to pricing. By using GetAccept I know if they read it and what's important for them. If they don’t open the document the platform GetAccept send out automatic reminders, and I save time by not chasing the customer every day.

If the offer is not opened, despite reminders, I get a notification from the tool telling me that I must act. Is the deal really as hot as I thought or will it end up in the Valley of Death?

With all these insights I have managed to have very good timing in my follow-up calls. As an example, I have managed to call the prospect just before having the decision meeting what CRM system to choose. I get the opportunity to go through the quote and answer questions ensuring that my offer will be top-of-mind for that decision meeting.

  1. A smooth and quick sign of - for all parties

The tool includes e-signing. No more waiting for physical documents. The customer can simply sign directly from their laptop or smart phone, whether sitting in Russia or in Smygehuk*. And as we all sales reps know - the faster you get to the signing, the less risk that the deal takes a new direction...

Smygehuk is the most southerly village in Sweden

Screen_Shot_2016-01-14_at_12.20.56_AM-1 (1)

An overview of all my sent sales documents

To sum it up...

I am constantly looking for tools that can streamline and simplify my day helping me sell more. After testing out GetAccept I close more deals with less spent time, which means that I have time left to eat a nice lunch with my fellow colleagues =). My tip to you, give GetAccept a spin (free trial). I will keep looking for more smart sales tools and when I find a new one I will let you know.

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