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Streamline your signing process - and focus on your next deal

Sara Cronsioe
January 08, 2020

You have probably reflected on the fact that the signing process itself can be a long procedure that can take several days, even weeks. An unnecessarily long process that could be significantly shortened, while being safer and legally binding. We are of course talking about replacing the traditional way of signing, with electronic signature. 

Here is 5 benefits of using e-signature

1. Traceability

When sending a paper contract, it can be difficult to know where in the process the contract is located, to know who has signed and who has not signed. GetAccepts eSigning solutions provides sales enablement data, from the initial sales meeting to the final eSigned contract. You will never lose track of a customer's needs while using eSignature. 

2. Security

The service is favorable to use, e-signing follows all laws and regulations such as the Signature Act, eIDAS and GDPR.

3. Reduced administration

Sharing documents digitally with each party means that you do not need unnecessary administrative work, you have everything from print to mailings and archiving.

4. Easy to access

You never know when to look for an old contract. A digital archive means that you can easily search for relevant agreements in no time.

5. E-signing is good for the planet

An obvious advantage is that you save on forest and nature by using digital document management. Do the environment a favor and switch to e-signing and digital document management.

E-signature - The ultimate way to sign documents

It's fast, easy and secure. With e-signing, you streamline your closings and get more time to focus on the next deal! With e-signing, you can send, receive and sign documents - wherever the parties are.

Read and learn everything you need to know about electronic signature and its legal aspect in our Electronic signature learning hub. 

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