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GetAccept product news: pick the font that fits your brand by Fredrik Seijsing

Pick the font that fits your brand

Fredrik Seijsing
October 20, 2022

Following brand guidelines is not always the easiest thing to do. Even though GetAccept helps you create neat templates with all the right colors and images, up until now, you couldn’t fully let your personality shine through.

But now - you can and you should!

Customize your headings and standard text when using our editor by making your selection from 8 different fonts to maintain brand consistency. We based the available fonts on the most common ones, and by using Google Fonts, we can ensure your documents look crisp wherever they’re being viewed.


How to get started?

Contact your GetAccept admin to get started! They can head over to the Branding Settings of your entity to update your look right away. Changes made will impact all new documents, templates, and resources. For existing documents, you’ll get prompted if you want to update to your new look and feel when going into editing mode. 

Click here for full details on all the font options and how to set everything up.

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