How to warm up a cold dialogue with your prospect

Aug 20, 2020

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How to Warm Up a Cold Dialogue With Your Prospect

You know that your product is a perfect fit for your prospect, but there is a struggle creating engagement. Remember, if a deal has gone cold, it doesn’t mean that it’s dead. Lets talk about how you can warm up a cold prospect using GetAccept’s Sales Enablement platform.

Personalized communication is key

GetAccept provides a platform where the focus is building strong relationships, improving the prospects’ engagement, and creating memorable sales experiences. Our platform combines video, live-chat, proposal design, document tracking, and, of course, eSignature.  

Anyone can reply, share, modify, comment, and interact with the content your marketing team or sales reps create. Conversely, your sales team can approach social media with the goal of personalizing their interactions and humanizing your brand in a way that builds trust and closes deals faster. However, it is always a struggle to know where to start when reaching back out to cold dialogues after an extended period of time.

Heat up the dialogue with a video presentation

In the last couple of years, marketing departments got used to using video content to promote their products and services. But what about sales? Recently, more and more salespeople have started leveraging video throughout their sales process to increase engagement, promote personalization, and meet the needs of their prospects. 

A personalized video presentation can help you to build trust and an instant connection with your prospects, right from the get-go. GetAccept’s built-in video features allows you to create a video directly within your sales assets. Take the opportunity to create that extra personal connection and warm up your prospects with GetAccept’s video features. 

Be notified when prospects are ready to connect

As sales reps, we know that we need to be “there” when our prospects or customers need us. Remember, it’s always about them, not you. 

By adding an automated personalized message within your sales assets with GetAccept’s live-chat, you can help your prospects move forward in their decision making process by asking them if they have any questions or concerns. As a recipient, you are able to chat, ask questions, and mark certain areas on the document that come to attention. GetAccept will provide you with real-time notifications when the prospects message back and are ready to engage in next steps. 

Get detailed behavior tracking on your prospect

Get transparent and hands-on analytics with GetAccept’s tracking features. Manage your deal assets based on your prospects’ behaviors. This gives you a sixth-sense and the chance to always be one step ahead to help create customized interactions with your prospects.  

With GetAccept’s email and document tracking features, you can track several things, including: 

Opens email:
Although it is not a clear signal that your prospect is interested in what you wrote, it’s a potential indicator. Especially if they open your email more than once.

Clicks link: When your prospects click a link in your email (to a sales content, like a blog article, video, or other resources), that’s a solid signal that they are at least interested in that particular resource.

Views document: This is probably the clearest engagement indicator, especially when you know how much time your prospect spends on each part of your document (implementation, price, terms, etc.). This gives you valuable insight on how to keep the deal moving forward.

Forwards email/document: Forwarding your email and/or document to another decision-maker is an important indicator that you can take immediate action to connect.

Downloads document: This is a mixed signal because you can never know their intentions. Are they going to print it? Send it to someone else? A competitor? It’s better to know than to be left in the dark!

Prints document: Most of the time, when a prospect prints your document, they will present it to a higher authority or use it in a meeting.

Location: Knowing the precise location from where the prospect has opened your email/document can mean a lot, depending on your business.

Device type: Again, depending on what you are selling, the type of device on which your prospects take an action (opens your email, views your document, etc.) might be a valuable insight.

Video presentations, live-chat, email and document tracking, and behavioural analytics are all part of our GetAccept’s Sales Enablement platform. These features will help you create engagement and heat up cold dialogues with your prospects. If you want to improve your sales performance, try using a personal video to create lasting impressions and gaining actionable insights by tracking your sales assets!

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