GetAccept Release Updates

Feb 5, 2016

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GetAccept Release Updates

First of all, big thank you for all feedback. We have aldready implemented many of your ideas. Our goal is to release often and with a lot of new features. The best way to post you feedback to us is directly in the platform.




So What's New Today? 

New Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android


Let us introduce the new mobile application to help you all salespeople to get notified with information about your sales document workflow.

We want to make it even more easy to record a quick personlized video to attach as introduction to your sales document. Try it out today. Your customers will LOVE it!

Download our iPhone app or Android app now.

Integration To Payment Solutions


For all of you that use online payment or credit card for you service we would like to introduce our payment workflow solution. Include the payment step either before completed signing or redirect to the payment site directly after completed eSigning.

Today we release payment integrations to Stripe and Recurly.


Welcome Page After Signing

Redirect to another page (URL) after eSigning to create a great experience for the customer and you can also use merge tags to customize it.

This is great to use for add extra Welcome flows, collect additional information or just create a great experience.


Some Other Goodies

  • Update of the Overview with team features
  • Add SMS and phone number reminder after sent document
  • Updated notification center with emails (Open first time)
  • Handle Private documents

+ a lot of other improvements


The feedback has been that it happens more from us in a month than many other achieve in a year.

That is our goal and something we want to continue! So stay tuned for our next release - that will come soon =).

Let us know what you think!

//The GetAccept Team

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