Easily update your quotes for a smoother negotiation

May 29, 2023

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Easily update your quotes for a smoother negotiation

There are 3 key steps to building a smooth quoting process: creating a dynamic quote, ensuring it is accurate, and updating it quickly all in one place without sending out another document.

Some weeks ago, we enhanced our CPQ complement to Salesforce by supporting multiple pricing groups in one pricing table. And today, you can quickly update your pricing information within Salesforce to meet your prospects’ needs during a negotiation.

With these updates, Salesforce users are able to create interactive and error-free quotes while keeping Salesforce the single source of truth.

Here’s how it works:

There’s more you can do:

Update your pricing table in no time

As the deal progresses, your reps can quickly edit and update any product information, including prices, discounts, and units, as your prospects requested.

It’s easy for them to make changes from anywhere within Salesforce, let it be via product line items, Quotes, CPQ, or CPQ+, ensuring a faster response time and a shorter sales cycle.

Avoid excessive discounting

Sometimes, the reps will do anything they can to close a deal, including offering a heavy discount that goes beyond the norm without thinking about its impact and consequences.

To avoid this scenario and keep Salesforce as the source of truth for your quotes, the approval flows come into place. Any changes the reps made on the pricing table need to be approved by the stakeholder in charge before it’s updated on the GetAccept sendout that your prospects received.

This flow ensures that your sales process is always under control and the quotes are ready to sign when it’s delivered to your prospects.

Increase your speed & accuracy when closing a deal

Salesforce users can now use one link throughout the quoting process to avoid multiple versions of the same contract, making sure the version your prospects have is always the latest while maintaining the data integrity in Salesforce.

With the recently released CPQ enhancements and the upcoming commenting capability, your quoting process will be more interactive, error-free, and dynamic than ever before.

Try it out today and stay tuned for more exciting releases. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your designated GetAccept contact if you have any questions!

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