5 reasons why you should hire a sales operations manager

Jul 10, 2020

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5 reasons why you should hire a sales operations manager

It’s a common misconception that sales operations is just about making sure the CRM processes run smoothly. And while that’s certainly important, a solid Sales Operations Manager will do much more to elevate your sales team.

Our own Sales Operations Manager Adam Wenhov spoke at Vainu’s webinar about his role and how sales operations has helped GetAccept become the high-growth company it is today. Here are his five key reasons why you should leap at the opportunity of hiring your own Sales Operations Manager in 2020.

1. Sales ops managers provide clear ownership and structure

When GetAccept raised its Series A, we needed to hit the gas and expand. The following year, we grew from 30 employees to over 100. In that stage of high growth, dedicating someone to creating a structured approach to customer acquisition and overseeing the sales processes was a necessity. Clear ownership told everyone in the company that we are taking scaling seriously.

2. More time for managers to...manage

You don’t want your Sales Managers spending all their time working with tools and reports. Having someone looking over the processes freed up the time of our Sales Managers and VPs to spend their time with what really moves the needle: supporting and coaching their sales reps to improve and close more business.

3. Better use out of existing tools and systems

In the past, we’d purchased technology but not used the platforms to their fullest potential. An important part of the SalesOps role is to make sure change management is done properly with everyone understanding why we are implementing a specific new tool and making sure to follow-up on the usage.

4. Faster implementation of initiatives

High-growth companies are in constant flux. With the number of projects going on, having someone to make sure the details are taken thought out and fit with the existing sales processes helps new initiatives roll out faster and with fewer wrinkles. At GetAccept, our SalesOps works with our CSO to plan and implement new sales strategies.

5. Expertise and support for tougher cases

Whether it’s legal questions, technical expertise or knowledge on a specific business, salespeople will seldom have answers to all the questions and challenges they face. A sales operations team can act as the knowledge base for the whole sales organization, acting as a resource and tackling these more challenging situations.

Want to learn more about Sales Operations? Watch the full webinar here. 

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