Share files with your stakeholders directly from Salesforce

Jun 11, 2024

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Share files with your stakeholders directly from Salesforce

As your deal progresses, more documents, such as NDAs, one-pagers, and white papers, need to be shared. Instead of emailing these files as attachments, both buyers and sellers can upload them to GetAccept digital sales rooms, creating a centralized location for all information.

Salesforce users can now add and share files directly from Salesforce to GetAccept rooms – both during the sendout process and after a room is made public. Here are some highlights:

  • All files in your Salesforce will be displayed in your sendout process, allowing you to add them with one click, saving you the time of finding and collecting them yourself.
  • You can add files at any point in your sales process within Salesforce.
  • See how many times a previously added file has been downloaded.
  • (Upcoming) Get notified within Salesforce when your stakeholders add new files to GetAccept rooms.

Check out how it works via the interactive demo here:


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