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As buyer behavior constantly changes, salespeople must adapt their best practices related to their sales outreach accordingly. You cannot rely on traditional outreach methods anymore. Today, B2B decision-makers are flooded with messaging from all channels, and it’s become increasingly difficult to break through the noise to connect with these people. For those reasons, being successful in cold calling is becoming harder and harder.

However, cold calling is still an important part of GetAccepts sales strategy and in this webinar, we tell you why and how we have built our outbound sales strategy and achieved:

  • + 25.000 calls to prospects
  • + 1200 booked meetings
  • + 4 mio in closed sales
All in 12 months in Denmark.


Oct 6, 9am - 9:30 am

Peter Rasmussen
Sales Director at GetAccept


Missed it? Don’t Worry!

Tune in and listen to the recording when Peter give his top tips and insights how to built an outbound sales team.

This webinar is in Danish. 

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