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How sales teams can optimize the customer experience

Every team has a role to play in creating memorable and successful customer experiences, whether you're in sales, marketing, or customer success.

Tara Pawlak, Head of US Marketing at GetAccept, recently stopped by RevCon to go over the key elements of an optimized customer experience. Check out her talk below 👇

Tara's tips for sales teams to optimize the customer experience

Buyers have more choices now than ever before. B2B buying is starting to look more like B2C buying. Think about how many streaming devices you have to choose from as a consumer: that type of buying environment will soon be the norm for B2B buyers as well.

Here are 3 tips for aligning your sales, marketing, and customer success teams around a shared goal: the customer.

1. Share everything

Sales and marketing misalignment occurs when sales and marketing teams are measured in different ways by different people. When the two departments share the same KPIs and metrics, they are more likely to succeed.

You can achieve this by rolling out integrated processes and tools. Sales and marketing departments may use different platforms and tools, but when the same data is shared and the tools are well-integrated, process alignment becomes smoother.

Start with the basics of cross-function alignment and orient your full team towards your customer.

2. Support to serve

Think outside of your day-to-day role and responsibilities – how can you as a sales leader make a difference in customer experience?

With every launch or new initiative, take time to do a retrospective to understand internal and external feedback. What more can you and your team learn to optimize your customers' experience of your brand?

Ask for opinions from customers both vocal and quiet. Quiet customers may not realize certain features are for them, and won't until you as a sales leader ask the right questions.

3. Surprise and delight

Lastly, celebrate your customers' wins and successes together as internal teams and stakeholders. Think about how your company helped your customers achieve their goals, and recognize those wins.

Think of different ways your sales team can surprise and delight your customers while staying true to your company and brand. 


Optimizing the customer experience – RevCon 2021


Tara circle headshot

Tara Pawlak
Head of Marketing, US

RevCon Tara


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