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Safety and performance

Better safe than sorry

Our focus is to always ensure our customers privacy and we take significant efforts to protect all customer data.
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GetAccept is a cloud service based on the latest technology and we use the latest server technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS).


All data is securely stored on Amazon S3 servers located in six different regions (Oregon (USA), California (USA), Ireland (EU), Frankfurt (EU), Singapore (Asia), Tokyo (Asia) and Sydney (Aus)).



GetAccept supports the processes and routines which are requried in order to comply with the new EU-regulation. 


 We do not run our own routers, load balancers, DNS servers, or physical servers. All services used does follow industry- standard ISO 27001 - information security.

The infrastructure is replicated across multiple data centers to meet the full redundancy for our users. This means we can guarantee> 99.99% availability of GetAccept.

Our monitoring of the IT environment is based on automated monitoring which automatically scales to maintain maximum performance for our customers.


This to be able to adapt to our customers regional requirements and maintain good performance. The data is always encrypted and not readable in storage.

All data saved is replicated directly over multiple servers to achieve full redundancy. Potential disruption is detected directly, and data are always available on multiple sites. This means that all data is immediately available elsewhere at any interruptions.

Amazon S3 ensures us and our customers:

  • Secure SSL encrypted access and data storage
  • Fully redundant and replicted environment
  • 99.99% data access and availability


All communication is encrypted with AES 256-bit SSL EV which achieves the same security used by banks.All connections to our IT environment requires VPN connection and all permissions are set on employee level. Every connection to our system is logged and stored to maintain maximum security.



  • Secure Hosting All data and documents are encrypted by default with AES 256-bit EV SSL encryption.
  • Encrypted communication GetAccept has strict internal policys for accessing data. Only authorized have access to encrypted customer data.
  • Automatic data erasing Automatic processes ensures that data is not stored for a longer period of time then what is lawful.
  • Tracking and export GetAccept has advance search methods making it possible to export data to a readable format.
  • Routines for breaches GetAccept has developed processes and routines that protects your data and will inform concerned parties in the non-likely event of a data breach.
  • Click here to read more about GDPR @ GetAccept

Key features and benefits

Cloud service

Totally cloud based service built on a future safe IT environment for optimal performance.


Safe storage

Replicated and encrypted storage for maximum availability and security in 6 regions




Encrypted communication

256-bits encryption guarantee the same security as your bank





GetAccept complies with the European GDPR directives 

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