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The hardware you need to become a remote sales ninja

The hardware will reveal if you are a beginner or a real remote sale ninja. Continue to read to make sure to skip the beginner mistakes

Even if you have all the skills in the world, without the proper equipment you will never graduate to becoming a true remote sales ninja. Quality sound and appearance, reducing lag, removing distractions are all key elements which if ignored can erode the experience and in many cases risk the deal. 

With this in mind is it worth skipping the key investment into proper gear, when you may loose a deal simply over a short statement like “what was that you said”, “you are disappearing” or “we can’t really see you”. 

Remote selling is not the same as just sitting inside the office, it is truly a lifestyle where the gear is critical to execute the elements of the strategy you may have.


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Speakers: I prefer to take my calls over speakers as opposed to using headphones. If you can do that, I recommend it. These speakers are pretty good for $70, though I really like a larger speaker which also can be used for music, like my Edifier R1280T Monitors. Be forewarned: they’re big, and they’re loud, and they put out way too much sound for most people (and you need a larger desk).  I recommend you get speaker isolation wedges if you set these up on your desk.

Headphones: anything will work here. Again, be sure you go wired if possible. I bet you already have a pair of earbuds that’ll work just fine and skip the noise-canceling earbuds to save money, but ensure it is a noise-canceling microphone. If you want to go more high end, then choose Jabra. Jabra 40 has 3.5mm and USB Jack or if you have to go wireless Jabra 65 UC is a good choice (I like that it can pair to multiple devices at once)


Webcam: I still can’t understand why you can’t get an quality webcam into the computer. A HD webcam will make you look a lot better (but please don’t use the built-in microphone) then the standard built-in version. And it is called a “remote video meeting”, yes you should activate the camera, no excuses. Here is a good choice if you want a 1080p webcam for your Computer,  but I recently upgraded to a more advanced, the wide lens Logitech Brio, which is a little bit better.

Lighting: This is hugely important! You don’t need anything fancy, you just need to be front-lit to close the deal. If you sit in front of a window with good daylight coming in, you’ll look about 100x better. If that’s not an option, I love this LED panel with adjustable color temperature, and you’ll need the power adapter for it too. NEVER SIT WITH A SUNNY WINDOW BEHIND YOU.

Clothes: Aren’t a part of the hardware itself but since we urge you to use video, the clothes you wear always set the tone for the meeting. At GetAccept we believe you should, dress as if you were meeting the person in real life. A collared shirt can sometimes be a classy touch but we recommend you think about bringing something personal related to the prospect to display your research on the call. For instance if you know your prospect supports a particular football team, thinking about bringing an item of memorabilia to the meeting or even a short/hat in the same colours! This can create a nice icebreaker and put you on the front foot for the call!

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