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GetAccept referral programme terms and conditions

LAST UPDATED: Feb 5, 2020


GetAccept Referral Program

Agreement This Referral Program Agreement between you and GetAccept describes and governs your participation in the GetAccept Referral Program. This program provides Users the opportunity to direct Referrals to GetAccept as potential customers using a Referral Link. Read this Referral Program Agreement carefully as your participation in the Referral Program is subject to its terms and conditions. We may update or replace this Referral Program Agreement by posting an updated version to our website.

Your Eligibility

To be eligible to participate in the Referral Program you must abide by this Referral Program Agreement and be:

  • a GetAccept User on a GetAccept Account that is maintained in good standing; and
  • a natural person who is at least 18 years old permitted and legally permitted to receive Referral Credits. You are prohibited from participation in the Referral Program if:
  • you were a User on a GetAccept Account that was terminated by GetAccept for any reason;
  • you legally or contractually prohibited from receiving Referral Credits;
  • GetAccept determines that you violated any provision of this Referral Program Agreement, guidelines related to the Referral Program, or other agreement you have with GetAccept.


Eligible Referrals

Where permitted to participate in this Referral Program, you will be provided one or more Referral Links that can be provided to potential GetAccept customers. These companies must use your Referral Links to qualify as a Referral. The reward for referral is paid out if and only if the referral link is used by a person that signs up to become a paying customer on an annual subscription with five or more users. GetAccept may approve or reject applications submitted by Referrals using any criteria it determines is appropriate whether publicized or not. Referrals will not qualify for Referral Credits if they have or attempted to open a GetAccept Account at any time or fail any criteria we establish for approval. If a Referral is submitted by another referrer, you will only receive a Referral Credit if your Referral Link is associated with the application approved by GetAccept.


Referral Links and Referral Credits

Referral Links may only be used by you in conjunction with this Referral Program. You may not transfer them to a third party or sell or attempt to sell them. GetAccept may limit access or use of Referral links, or establish maximum Referral Credits, at any time and in its sole discretion. GetAccept owns all rights in Referral Links and any content or intellectual property associated with it. GetAccept may withhold Referral Credits that you are otherwise entitled to if we believe that you breached this Referral Program Agreement or other agreements with GetAccept, if you engaged in activity that was illegal or fraudulent, or if we determine that a Referral Credit was provided to you erroneously. You are responsible all taxes arising from or related to Referral Credits you receive. GetAccept will not report any income or earnings related to Referral Credits to taxing authorities except where required under law.



As part of this Referral Program, you agree to:

  • not represent yourself as an employee or agent of or suggest any affiliation or partnership with GetAccept, or claim to be authorized to speak on behalf of GetAccept;
  • not send uninvited messages through any medium (email, phone, fax, social media, etc.); will not use automatic dialing apps, scripts, or bots to send messages to third parties; and will at all times comply with applicable laws, including CAN-SPAM, TCPA, and state and federal privacy laws;
  • always send Referral Links as your true self and will not impersonate or claim to represent either real or fictitious third parties, or engage in anything that may be considered unfair, deceptive, or abusive acts or practices (UDAAP) or fraud;
  • not create or use Referral Links in the context of anything that violates individual rights, promotes violence, hate, or discrimination, or is obscene or offensive;
  • you will not use name “GetAccept” or the GetAccept logo in any public advertising or marketing unless expressly permitted to do so by GetAccept; and
  • not infringe the privacy or intellectual property rights of third parties. Violation of this section will result in your termination from the Referral Program and forfeiture of any Referral Credits that you have not already received.



This Referral Program Agreement is effective as of the time you first send or generate a Referral Link and will terminate upon notice by either you or GetAccept to the other party. GetAccept may terminate this Referral Program Agreement upon notice to you at any point in time.


Other Legal terms

GetAccept is not liable to you for consequential, indirect, special, or punitive damages, lost profits or revenue whether or not you advised us of their possibility. This limitation will apply regardless of the legal theory on which your claim is based. GetAccept may modify this Referral Program Agreement at any time by posted an updated version.


Entire Agreement

This Referral Program Agreement constitutes the entire understanding between you and GetAccept for the subject matter described and no other agreements, representations, or warranties other than those provided in this Referral Program Agreement will be binding unless in writing and signed by Company and GetAccept.

Contact information
If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our referral programme terms and conditions or practices, you may contact us at or via postal mail, see address on website

Important features and benefits


EU Data Center

All documents and all data created by our customers within the EU are stored in European data centers and the customer chooses where to store them


Secure Storage

All documents and data created by our customers are automatically encrypted with an AES 256-bit EV SSL encryption key.


Encrypted Communication

GetAccept has strict policies regarding internal access to data. Only authorized personnel have access to encrypted customer data.


Automated Removal

Automated processes ensure that data that cannot be saved over a longer period is automatically cleared according to the time intervals required.


Tracking and Exporting

GetAccept has advanced search methods to find data and the ability to export selected data to readable format.


Routines in Case of Intrusion

GetAccept has developed processes and routines for protecting data and informing affected people who are applied in the event of an infringement.