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eSigning and sales automation for the real estate and brokerage industry

GetAccept helps real estate companies and brokers win more business through faster and more personal tenant onboarding and sales processes.

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Increase sales through

A full overview

Gain a superior overview on current and expected sales. Let us automatically notify you who needs following-up and what’s on it’s way in. Simple and secure eSigning

Custom feeds

Let GetAccecpt talk to your existing systems and flows to create as seamless experience for both the client and the property owner.

Strengthened confidence

Let your client get to know your brand from beginning to end. Communicate easily with our chat function or a personalized video.


Get a commitment early on and reduce the risk of losing business due to the sales process being delayed. eSign with the method that suits you best, without compromising security.

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We help companies like you on a daily basis with exactly the same problems. Anything else you’re wrestling with? - Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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Do you experience any of the following:

Challenges in getting your client to understand the value of your offer compared to someone else's?

Challenges in getting control of your entire sales process and finding the right time to follow up a quote.

Challenges in knowing which quotes should be prioritized before the sale grows cold?

Paper administration eating up your valuable time?

Speed up your process with

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