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With GetAccept, flexibility is at your fingertips to engage buyers in new ways and increase win rates by 75% on your documents.

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GetAccept Product Webinar Series

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GetAccept product webinars
GetAccept webinar: How to create stunning sales documents in no time

Template Library:
How to create stunning sales documents in no time

In this webinar, we’ll give you an inside look into the Template Library and how to use it in your Digital Sales Rooms to create an enhanced buying experience. 

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Introduction to GetAccept CPQ

In this webinar, you will learn what CPQ is, its benefits, and how it works in GetAccept. After this webinar, you’ll stop using messy spreadsheets to store your product details & calculators to create price quotes!

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GetAccept Editor

Last year we released our own document editor to let our users easily create documents directly in GetAccept. Since the release, we’ve added a lot of great editor features that we’d love to introduce and share all of our tips and tricks for super efficient workflows!

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GetAccept webinar: How to elevate sales with video

How To Elevate Sales With Video

Learn more about why, where, and how to use video in sales. Did you know that if you include video in your sales process, you increase your hit rate by up to 40%?

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GetAccept New Features

Learn more about how to optimise your sales proposals with GetAccepts new features such as the in-app editor, link block, video block, and content library.

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