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Partner agreement GetAccept

Introduction and strategic ambition:

The goal of this partnership agreement is to strengthen both the partners and GetAccept ́s offer; thereby finding new revenue streams for both parties. A partnership will also strengthen the customer value that the two companies deliver to the market by making it more efficient for end users.


Partnership and collaboration

Both parties have close cooperation during the contract period with regular reconciliations, a review of projects delivered, and discussions on common customer cases. The collaboration means that both parties are active and work towards the common goal.

The partner helps GetAccept to market its services to customers through, for example, information on the website, webinars, customer visits, email and physical events.


Pricing, set-up, training & support

GetAccept owns and operates the sales process as well as the customer dialogue. The customer signs an agreement with GetAccept according to the current price list after the offer of GetAccept.

GetAccept offers help with startup for the best possible start with eSigning. Initial start-up includes set-up of account, adaptation to graphic profile, 1-hour administration training, 1-hour user training (max 10 people) and follow-up training. At> 20 users, booting is offered to match the specific need. See the current price list for Onboarding and Consulting Services.

GetAccept helps users with support, according to the SLA, which is in the general agreement. The support is available on weekdays 8-17 via chat and telephone - but also in the evenings via GetAccept's staff sitting in the US. GetAccept is working to initiate assistance to users as soon as possible, but no later than 24 hours after the case has been received.


Order and invoice

Each customer may purchase GetAccept by signing an agreement with GetAccept. Invoicing takes place in connection with the account being started and normally takes place annually in advance.

Per GetAccept's general terms & conditions available, payment is due in 30 days.

Financial compensation

GetAccept compensates the partner as follows:

20% kickback on the revenue of sold license sales year 1 (customers referred to GetAccept by partner). After five (5) closed deals of the leads supplied from the partner, we will have a meeting discussing how we can deepen the partnership.

GetAccept AB will inform the partner with the amount of the kickback as soon as the new customer has signed an agreement. The partner is responsible for sending an invoice, which will be paid after the customer has paid their invoice from GetAccept.

Terms of agreement

This agreement applies from the signing date. After this period, the agreement is automatically extended by twelve (12) new months at a time. Extension of the agreement should take place in an agreement between the parties.


The parties shall not pass on the content of this agreement, or otherwise convey sensitive information to the parties, and which cannot be regarded as public information, to third parties.

The duty of secrecy does not include the right to convey further information within either party's organization.

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