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Simple and secure eSigning for the oil, energy and environment services sectors

GetAccept helps companies in the oil, energy and environment services sectors increase their sales through simpler, faster and more automated flows.

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Increase sales through

Automatic reminders

Let our system automatically notify you when a deal is hot and needs to be followed up via our smart automation reminders. Let us help you conveniently follow up each quote and focus your time on finding new leas instead of chasing the customer.


Let our archive help declutter your work day by storing your quotes and documents automatically.


Choose how you want the customer to approve your quote - and why just choose one way? Send your agreement by email, text message or through GetAccept and get your quote signed faster.

Modern communication

Let your client talk to you in the way they feel comfortable with. For some it is a phone call, for others it’s via chat. Chat with your client directly in the document.

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We help companies in the environmental service and energy sector and to sell more, both to private individuals and companies. Anything else you’re wrestling with? - Contact us and we will find a solution together.

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Do you experience any of the following:

Challenges in getting control of your entire sales process and finding the right time to follow up a quote.

Client dragging their feet between first contact and closing the deal?

Challenges in getting your client to understand the value of your offer compared to someone else's?

Paper administration eating up your valuable time?

Safety first 

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Work smarter not harder

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