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Laptop with the GetAccept software on it

Vehicles & Transport: electronic signing and document management  

Increase control over paper handling and simplify for all your departments. Get a signature quickly and easily both internally and externally.

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Laptop on a desk with the GetAccept digital tool on it

Travel, Event & Accommodation: eSignering and sales automation 

Never miss a follow-up. Get 100% control over all requests and return with the right timing. Remind the customer automatically and sign with secure, digital signing.

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desk with laptop and coffee mug with the GetAccept logo on it

Telemarketing: deal with the writing requirement

Get more control and insight when you send your agreement for approval to the customer. Choose whether you want to send via SMS, by email or through GetAccept. Smart features give you control at a whole new level.

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Woman working with the GetAccept tool on her laptop

Sports & charity: electronic signing and effective sales process 

Stand out in the crowd when you wait for your sponsorship agreement. Make the relationship more personal with video and make it easy for the counterparty to say yes - at the right time.

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Man writing on his notepad

Office Supplies: eSign and Document Management

Take control of all your quotes. Never miss a follow-up and let the documents you send stick out and show your best side. Close deals faster with information that helps the process forward.

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Two GetAccepters working and talking

Finance and Security: secure eSignering and sales enablement

How quick you are can make it or break it. Be first in line with secure electronic signing. Never miss a follow-up with automatic reminders. Get in control and become more effective at the end of the sales process.

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Man working with the GetAccept tool

Staffing and Recruitment: document control and eSigning

Send candidate presentations in a whole new way. Add a video to let the candidate shine, or to sell the company, colleagues or office. Sign the employment contract easily with e-signing and verify with BankID.

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Laptop infront of a green plant with the GetAccept digital tool on it

Retail: electronic signing and sales automation 

Sign directly in the store and skip all manual paper handling. Have 100% control and follow up on all quotes - and let the customer decide and sign remotely.

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GetAccepter working at his desk with the office-horse

The real estate and brokerage industry: eSignering and sales automation 

Manage the admission process more personally. Leave your values through GetAccept and have full control of the customer's interest. Has it been 6 months and the customer is looking at the document? It's time to turn it on! E-sign the assignment description and secure the deal remotely.

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eSigning a GetAccept deal with BankID

Energy and Environment: simple and secure e-signing

Get more out of both B2B and B2C sales. Sign easily and securely via SMS, email or through GetAccept and let the system handle your reminders. Save time and close deals faster.

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Mobilephone with the GetAccept tool on it

IT and software: electronic signing and document tracking 

Match your customers and give them a digital experience from start to finish. Let your brand shine with the branding and help your customers make decisions easily and quickly with e-signing. Keep in touch via the chat and take the questions directly into the document.

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GetAccepter at his desk with the office-horse

Facility Services and Manufacturing Industry: eSignation and Sales Automation

Close the deals on the go. Get 100% in control and follow up on all your quotes. Stop sending documents back and forth by e-mail by simply signing easily with e-signing instead.

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